I Did Not Care About Olympics Until…


I was wondering if I was the only one who did not give a damn about the olympics game. I knew it was a litte bit too late to talk about the olympics, because it’s over, but… see? That’s how much I didn’t care.

So what have changed?

On the morning before the Olympics game closing ceremony, the OASIS facebook group posted something about Liam Gallagher and Wonderwall. After a short conversation in the comment box, and a simple google search, I found out that Beady Eye would perform “Wonderwall” on the closing ceremony. NME said that the committee have asked Noel Gallagher to do the show, but he rejected the offer. But hey, after I watched the entire show, I kind of having a vague idea why he refused to show.

But that was the first time I actually care about what was going on in the Olympic Games. That was the first time I cared enough to find where I can streamed an online live broadcast. I cared. How surprising?

I was in the middle of doing all the dissertation shit, and suddenly Liam Gallagher showed up in a show and I decided… hey. Why not taking a little break? Scumbag brain.

Maybe some people questioned why OASIS was so important for me. I might say that their music has saved my life many times. Their song inspired me to do something, to be someone, and to go somewhere. Here. In this country. This band give me toe courage to dream, and aim high.

I know that OASIS is not the only great band which can move me and save my soul. Music in general have saved my soul. But why OASIS?

The first time I listened to OASIS when I was 14 years old. My cousin recorded me a tape of a compiled album of spice girls and boyzone, and one Oasis song there. It was “Don’t Go Away”. It just simply became one of my favourite track, and I tried to find more. And there came the internet, and *cough*napster*cough* and *cough*audiogalaxy*cough*. Long before *cough*kazaa*cough* and *cough*4shared*cough*. I really think I need a cough syrup here.

Then I was crazy about them.

I was crazy. About. Them.

I didn’t know how they looked, and I didn’t care. I just liked the song Noel wrote, and Liam’s voice. And was broken hearted when I know they disbanded. And heck it didn’t stop me to pursue my dream to come to this country just to be able to come to their hometown one day. I met Noel Gallagher… fyi.

But why OASIS?

My reasons before were all emotional. I didn’t know that there could be another reasons, because I though music is always emotional. But no. Thanks to my persistence of watching the whole seasons of Criminal Minds, I found the answer:

“14 is when you start to make your own musical choices. Our cognitive development evolves at that age and we start to form our cultural identity. Those musical experiances imprint on us. Our hormonal surges as teenagers may make the choices seem more personal and passionate. But no music ever impacts us as much as that, that we listen to at age 14”
(Spencer Reid – Criminal Minds “s7 ep12: Unknown Subject”, 2012)

Is that a fate?

Is that a fate that my cousin slipped one OASIS song among other boybands pop tracks? Do I owe my cousin for making me someone with a good musical taste?

But what is it about being 14?

Amy Chua’s daughter rebelled when she was 13 (it’s almost 14, right?). Her first daugter said that she was miserable at the same age. Chua also said that she have received a lot of e-mails from 14 years old kids who believed that they can do better with a better motivation. What happened when I was 14?

Was that the first time I received a love letter? Or the first time I liked a girl? And a boy? Oh damn I was always a greedy bitch! I think 14 is the first time I had my own mobile phone. Oh that’s my first period!!


Oh and then 15. I guess, Five for Fighting made a really good song about being 15.

“Fifteen there’s still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
Fifteen, there’s never a wish better than this
When you only got hundred years to live ”
(100 years – Five for Fighting)

anyway… forget about Olympics. I don’t give a damn about it, however… have you missed your teenage life yet?


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  1. a-ha … the girl in floral dress … with a sharp brain … a unique combination … (see how stereotyped I am… (again… #sigh))


  2. I love Olympics… maybe because I miss doing sport … and miss watching it live… swimming is my fav (I’d a dream of becoming an swimming athlete once…but I was not good… 😦 … …) … hehe …
    U’re the first person who told me you watched Olympics because of OASIS … 😀 … hmmmm… #rollingeyes
    I can understand why you like OASIS … their songs are deep in meaning … I am not their fan but I think many “cool” bands are from 1990s …
    … hmmm .. where am I?
    oh… like G… I like your analysis about 14 years of age … thought back to my early teenage years… yup I was really suck back then … I started my fight against every thing and any thing … I remember I didn’t cry at all for a year… just swallowed all bitterness because I decided that crying was a sign of weakness (for girl)… and people thought I was strange … too tough too rigid too wild …
    I am still weird and still have anger inside me but at least now I can express it in a lighter mode … (I think, and I don’t care about what others think) haha …
    N I am crazy about black background. All my ppt is in black background (I think black is simple but gorgeous) n my friends pleaded to change it … they’ve got enough of it … (I work since 1996 in the same place so my friends have seen my black ppt for 16 years…:) …


    • I am not a sporty kind of girl. You can say I am one of THOSE girly girls who wear floral dresses and busy texting their friends while the dramatic determining moment of the sport competition was going on. Yes. I hate sweaty and being under the sun. I am THAT girl that everybody hates LOL.

      Oh, you don’t start talking about 90’s bands. I really miss the 90’s music, when music is a real music, and when people listen music with their EARS not with their EYES. Even boybands and girlbands at that era are so much better (backstreet boys and spice girls, for example). I wish it was OASIS, but it was BEADY EYE. You know OASIS – Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds = Beady Eye. TT__TT

      I think there should be a research about this psychological state of 13-15 years old teenagers in the world. These ages are somewhere between predolescent and adolescent which apparently… a big deal!


  3. First, nice new layout but I prefer a right sidebar. 😉

    a Korean friend of mine is an Oasis fan-boy. He born in Germany but raised in his motherland. And he emits different vibe from his peers. I don’t know if it’s because he spent his childhood in Deutschland or due to the unusual musical taste. I personally find he is cool.

    A pouting Noel as his profile pic. Only Oasis playlist (the fact that everyone can tell his entire playlist from his noise leaking headphone). He plays guitar and I think you and him can talk for days about Oasis. I don’t know if language will be a barrier on this.

    And Criminal Mind . Blame my project , I can’t even finish season 1. Thanks a lot for your persistence and the nicely quoted “14 Theory”.
    14 is the age when I realized that I truly swing that way upon knowing why my second love is still the fucking same-sex.
    The age when I contemplated how I should convey the fucking feeling. 10 years later, I still don’t know the fucking answer.

    However, I don’t think my teenage life is wasted…. I wonder what I will think 10 years later, perhaps reflecting on my twenties ??

    P.S : Happy Belated Independence Day and Hari Raya Idul Fitri. I cooked myself Gulai and smoked kretek. Smell like hometown at least..
    P.S.S : Mind to send me a link for Criminal Minds s1-7. I prefer streaming though..



    • Welcome back, G 🙂 nice to see your comment again

      Thank you for mentioning the new layout. I thought I was the only one who feels that right sidebar is more convenient. However, since this is a free theme I could not ask much. I haven’t got a dark theme for my blog since I can remember, and this one looks neat. So yeah. Both of us needs to get used to the bloody sidebar (unless I can find a new better free theme). Now I know how left handed people feels 😦

      Your friend sounds so damn cool. Tell him I met Noel Gallagher, and he’s as awesome as what we think he is. Or more awesome than the rumours. Lol.

      And I think you are awesome. I don’t know how you could resist yourself from watching the rest of the season. Criminal minds is literally mindblowing, almost like dexter and csi altogether. Lol, or it’s just me. Anyway, I watched it streaming too, you can find it on watchseries. eu.

      And now, since I gave you the link, give me my kretek. Seriously, I’m dying here writing my dissertation without the luxury of a hometown cigarettes. How the hell you get your kretek, Dude?