What’s New in Superbyq?


Yes, Superbyq had a new layout, that was some kind of impressive changing, wasn’t it? Not really? Don’t worry, in the next months there would be changes and changes and changes… I hope it would not stop you from coming to this blog. I would appreciate any input telling me what to do with this or that šŸ˜€

First, because of my dissertation is almost done, I would have more spare time to write. I would start doing what I have never done in my blogs: posting fiction.

I am aware that some entries in my blog were vaguely fictitious, however it was done to protect the anonymity of the person or the events, and also to save my ass from being sued for libel. What I am going to do next would be totally different, it would be a story. A real fiction. This would be posted every Sunday, giving me time to think and write continuously, and also giving you something to expect in the weekend.

I hope you would enjoy my stories.

Second, reorganising my blog would be my next project once the dissertation is done. I was thinking of making daily topic, for example: Stories on Sunday, Review on Wednesday, etc. It sounds fun in my head, but until you really do that, we would never know.

The reason why I want to do that is to make the blog more “committed”. I have seen some blog went to hiatus because they can’t commit with themselves. One blog I know committed to write at least two posts a week. Not much, but it means one hundred entries a year. That would be an impressive number. Of course the entries could be more than that, but if you have minimum target… I don’t know. It should work. What do you think?

Third, I am expecting for another layout changing. Not that I don’t like this one, but it just does not reflect my personality, does it? Maybe I would want to say something that ‘magazine-ish’ so it would support my previous idea to make the blog updated continuously, and thematically.

I would not, embed any songs in my blog. I did it when I was using blogspot and I thought it was cute. But it became a little bit annoying for some people because obviously readers have different musical taste, and sometimes people just want to read in silence (they were in the library, and they did not want anybody to throw pen in their face, for example). So my layout changing would not include the noisy bits.

I believed that changing is good, not always, but even when it’s bad and irreversible, it would be fixable; and modified into something good. Basically, changing is good. So, I hope you find that it is good too šŸ˜€




4 responses

  1. Eh iyaaa… setuju, bikin cerita yang banyak ya Byq, daily love story…. and then, layout-nya terlihat garang bok tapi do you know what? Tulisannya kecil-kecil sekaleee. eke sampe zoom 2x browser, kejamnya dikau. Lha kalo ketemu orang yang ndak bisa nge-zoom browsernya gimandang nek?


    • Hahaha… Not exactly love story, tapi… Liat dulu deh :p
      Nah itulah kenapa eke mau renov ini blog, masih cari theme yang cucok šŸ˜€ yg kompatibel sama widget2 juga. Lagian eke kan ga garang, Djo… Theme nya nggak bybyq banget ya ga sih?