Farewell The Village


I have never been this emotional when I leave a place. I mean, I have been moving around places since years ago, from a luxury dorm in Newton’s house with Bu Umi, or sharing dorm with Win and si Onyed, or that small dorm when I live there with Mon, and when my sisters and I shared house before those dorms, and an apartment after that. Not mentioning the lousy dorm I had when i was studying architecture, living at si Onyed’s house, and the dorm near Binus when we were running way from home. And oh, my own house in Solo.

Living nomads for the last years making me feel detached to wherever I lived. I realised it from what Brooke said about my room. Nothing personal inside my room. No posters, no decorations, just a room. But somehow in this room I felt different.

I felt the connection with everything.

I had too much memories in this room.

And I felt sad when I was sitting in that room for the last time, writing this entry for you, and thinking what I have done in this room. Despite the scary depressing thing with the smoke, and the dirty kitchen, this place was awesome. It’s the sunset and the sunrise you can see from your window. It’s the breeze of the wind you can feel when you open it wide. It’s the double rainbow from the kitchen window. It’s the bed that I shared with people that I cared, and the stupid things I’ve done on top of it, of course.

Sunny day from my window

Sunset from my window

The double rainbow from my kitchen

foggy afternoon in the end of 2011

way back home from the nearest supermarket… I am going to miss this much

It’s the meeting with Maria, the cleaning lady. It’s the meeting with Shan and Celia. It’s the moment i burnt my cooking or when I actually made something out of nothing. It’s the nights I was up and doing my dissertation, it’s the nights I was up and hug the bloody toilet bowl because of hitting the jackpot. It’s my life here, and it was great.

This is the place where Mr Break It asked me to be his girlfriend. And this is the place where I cried all night when everything was over. This was the place I met Mr. Sexy Canadian, and also Mr Fix-It. This is where I met Munib and Mary; two smoking buddies. Seriously, I would never be able to find any other smoking buddies better than both of you guys;'( This is the place where I met my TW friends. Right where I am sitting now is the place I made connections with people all around the world.

So yes, I felt sad.

For the first time I felt I have rooted in one place and had to go somewhere else. Although I know that my next place would be an awesome place, I wonder if I can make another history there. Oh dear I felt so mellow.

Anyway, I will make it official now.

Farewell the village. May the memories alive. Hastalavista…

Cheers. .


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