Moving Out, Moving In (1)


No, I have not yet recovered from my broken heart because I have to live the village, but I have to admit that this new place is rather awesome. I hope I can stay in Norwich longer (find a job or something) so I don’t have to give up this room. Anyway, finding this house is apparently not easy. It is different from what I used to do in Indonesia, where you can find a whole area full of houses with rooms to rent; in Norwich you have to walk around the city to find the right house with the right room for you. And if you think it is easy…

It was around a month ago when I knew Denise decided to go to Dubai, so I had to find a place of my own, I started to look in the internet for a new place. I know I can just go back to Indonesia, but I only have so much time left, and I’d rather spend it to the fullest before I go back. I am not sure once I went to Indonesia, I could come back to this place again.

Godammit it was so hard to find a place which fit your budget and your personality. I tried a few websites, but I stumbled upon this website gumtree. This is really good. In the end of that week I found 4 potential place to go. Two rooms in a house like a dorm, one house sharing, and one flatlet.

Oh the flatlet was motherfucking impressive. It is located in a really strategic place, and it is in the attic. So you have the shower room in the lower floor, and your room and a kitchenette for yourself in the attic. It was great. You can live alone there, or with anyone, and it’s still have a room to roll on the floor and being happy. BUT, it was so bloody expensive. I hate it. You have to pay the rent, and you still have to pay the bill and the council tax. And as if it’s not enough, you still have to get your own internet provider and pay that too. With so many thing to pay, I believe if I live there, I would not be able to afford my own food and I would not be able to save for travelling.

Bastard. I have to leave that cute flatlet alone.

The house sharing. Uhm. I would not say much. It’s not actually the place that I would want to live in. I know that the other tenants were nice, and they were quite chatty, but probably not the type of people I would like to mingle with. Well, my main reason why I don’t want to live there, considering how CHEAP the rent was, is the condition of the house.

The ads said that the house was not in the best condition. But for me it was way worse than the kitchen in my dorm. It was dirty, and dusty, and the room that they showed me was… I don’t know if it was mold in the window. They claimed that they have cleaner who comes twice a week, but come on… it seems that any cleaner would give up when they see the condition of the house. So when the contact person told me that they don’t think I was suitable to live with them, I was so happy and glad that I don’t have to be the one who make the rejection.

It was not fun, you know… Making rejection to someone who look nice.

Then there were two rooms. These two rooms were impressive. The house were impressive. The landlords were impressive. The location: one of them is near the city centre and campus, and the other were so close to Mr Fix-It’s house – that is a consideration. So I was torn.

The house that was located between the city centre and campus were all-female house. It was a little bit old, you can see from the door and windowsill, but it was very clean. The room which I was offered was a single room, with a study room connected to it. The study room made me drool the first time I see it. It was just perfect. I can imagine writing this in the study room when I came there to visit. The imagination was so vivid I almost refused to leave the room once I entered it.

The other house which was near to Mr Fix-It house was just renovated. Everything was new, the bathroom was cute, and they have extra fridge for the tenants who lived in the second floor. The house was not all-female but they have cleaner which makes sure the house was in the good condition. I think the cleaner did a really good job. Less than five minutes walk, there was the park. Oh the park was super beautiful. Although it was not so close to the city centre, but you can always go to Anglia square to shop.

So, two rooms, two houses. Two cool landlords and nice tenants, which one would I choose?


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