Move Out, Move In (2)


So, which house did I choose?

It would be a really hard task to choose the house if it wasn’t because of one incident which happened the day I went for the house visit. The house near Mr Fix-It house was perfect, but the bus to that area was not as frequent as I had expected. It was not a really convenient thing for me, as someone who rely on the public transport much. Like Mr Fix-It, people who lived in that area usually have car to support their mobility. Good for them.

So I chose the one with study room. It is more expensive than the other one. But locationwise, I might be able to save a lot on transport, and probably could burn some calories walking, since all places are in the walking distance. I hope I am doing the right thing here 😀

Next is packing my belongings. Packing up is a bitch. When I was in Indonesia I had my sisters, si Onyed, and also Win who helped me sorting my stuffs and also packing them. Here, I had to do it myself. It amazed me how the concept of living alone and being responsible for yourself can change someone’s characteristics almost completely. If there is something I learnt the most in this city, is how to be independent and do things by yourself.

In Indonesia, my mother would have called my aunt to ask if her driver would be free so she could ask him to help me moving stuffs. But here, I have to go through a list of van man service to find the most suitable one, which was not easy; and make a call, one activity that I hate; and make appointment, another activity that I hate; and pay them, the activity that I really really hate! But I had to do that anyway because I need to do that.

And I found out that being unprofessional is not something that is exclusive for Indonesian services. Apparently, you can find one like that here. It happened to my first Van Man.

I saw a very professional website, with lots of testimonials, so I thought, alright I am going to use his service. So I contacted him via the form in the website, and I got a reply just few hours after. But when I asked for confirmation, he never replied until two emails and one text later. He called and told me that he would confirm the date and time and send it via email.

No email until the D-Day. I waited until the appointment hour, and I tried to call and text and he could not be reached. That asshole!! So I hurriedly find another Van Man, because I had to move my stuff on that particular day. That asshole ruined my plan! I’m a control freak and when I lost control, I freaked out. That’s a simple formula!

Luckily, this second Van Man was the greatest Van Man ever. Not only he can come on short notice, he was also nice and friendly. And, above all, he charged me cheaper than the other Van Man. Geez. I don’t know if I was THAT lucky or I was just that unlucky that I had to get another Van Man to do what the previous Van Man had to do. Uh. It’s getting a little bit confusing, isn’t it?

Anyway. Carry on.

Luckily there was Mr Fix-It. Seriously I don’t know what I was going to do without him. Those boxes are so bloody heavy! I will start having biceps muscles if I have to carry them all. That’s nonsense!! And he just did. And he did it without asking anything in return T_T (I know I’m such a bitch).

So yeah. Ms Nu helped me with the moving in too. And I have a new bedroom AND a study room. How exciting is that?! Who knows I can start writing a book in my new study room? 😮


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