It’s The End of It


Hey I did it.

Finally after a long gruesome tiring battle with the laziness and procrastination, I’ve done that. The bloody dissertation of course.

If there were some things I learned from this dissertation writing process, it is the commitment, and the time management. Oh you can’t imagine how hard it was to keep your head straight after months reading the same things over and over again. And when it’s finally done…


Writing a dissertation was not easy. It’s nowhere near easy. As my fellow blogger said, if only writing an academic essay could be as easy as doing your blog entry, it would make your life not as miserable. Problem is, writing an academic essay was never fun.

I’m not saying that writing a blog is a mindless process, it makes your brain work too. But the pressure when you were writing your dissertation made the writer’s block twice as excruciating as it should be. And of course it would doubled the frustration as well. Tell me about it.

But hey. I did it. Finally.

I remember one friend told me that finishing your dissertation is like ending a bad relationship. It needs to be done, but when it’s done… you just don’t know what you’re going to do next.

Your life was so focused on one thing, which made you so miserable yet so attached, and when it was done… you started to wonder, maybe you loved it, and you don’t want it to end. It’s detaching a part of your life.

No I was not talking about something else, I was talking about the analogy. You silly sod.

But yes, I made to the finish line. It makes a mixed feelings in me. I am glad and relieved that I have made this far, and I am happy I could make it happen. I don’t know yet how good it would be, but finishing this is another achievement, and of course another box ticked πŸ™‚

And don’t you think this is just the right time to celebrate?

Yes, I am going to celebrate tonight. But as my belief was: “celebration without contemplation is useless”, I would spend this time to contemplate first, so my contemplation would not ruin my celebration tonight. — boring bits

I learnt from the process of writing this dissertation, that I actually can finish something. My path wasn’t smooth. It never had been easy anyway. And I don’t know what I had to do in future, nobody does. But one thing that I could be proud about, is the fact that I am achieving something that I thought I would fail miserably.

I might not be able to stay in this country any longer, despite how much I want it. I might have to go back to Indonesia. But nothing, and no one can take this moment of pride from me. I became a different person; a person who now understand the power of ambition, the power of will and hard work. Suddenly, going home is not that scary anymore.

Living your life to the fullest no longer means YOLO crap. It means using the time that you had to get the maximum effects to yourself; your characteristics, your brain, your mentality, your emotion, your experience. In one year, I experienced so much more than what some of my friends had in other places. Not only the fun bits, but also the facing of the hardships.

And those are… Worth the celebration. Not only the dissertation. Not only the new house with the study room. But the growth of my personality, worth the celebration.

Of course I should not drink too much, I don’t have a private bathroom anymore, could not hog the toilet just for puking :p

For my friends who are finishing their master dissertation today…. Cheers!

*Don’t Look Back In Anger*backtoback*


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