OASIS: Soundtrack Of My Life


Disclaimer: the entry today is going to be one of the most unimportant posts in this blog. You might find it amusing, or completely useless. But yes, have fun.

As you know I love oasis. So I gather the songs that I have used to accompany me in thick and thin. And I wonder, what if my life is made as a movie. I’d like the soundtrack to be all OASIS. From the day I was born, to the day I die. How cool that would be?

Track 001- All Around The World
This is for the opening credits, the title of the film “The Byq Bad World” or “Byq Gone Bad” or whatever.

Track 002 – Songbird
The hospital scene, the baby Byq was born and crying like a (tiny) bitch. Her parents loved her too much not to throw her away from the hospital window.

Track 003 – Stay Young
Fast forward to the Junior High School life. Cheerful enthusiastic song, just like an endless youth.

Track 004 –  I Hope, I Think, I Know
The High School Life, time of being a smartass.

Track 005 – Digsy’s Dinner
The silly puppy love, you know… “I’ll treat you like a queen, I’ll give you strawberry and cream. And your friends would all go green for my lasagne” Childish puppy romance. Just cute.

Track 006 – Don’t Go Away
The first nasty break up, of course.

Track 007 –  [It’s Good] To Be Free
Yes! Go to Jakarta and the university life’s begun.

Track 008 –  She’s Electric
The complicated romance. It’s still the beginning, so it’s alright. “But I need more time….”

Track 009 – Where Did It All Go Wrong
The complicated romance continued. It’s not fun anymore -_-”

Track 010 –  Stop Crying Your Heart Out
The complicated romance is finally over. Phew!

Track 011 – Don’t Look Back In Anger
Finishing the degree. No hurt feelings dear supervisors or anyone who slashed, smashed and basically murder me in the presentation room. No I don’t hold grudge.

Track 012 – Half The World Away
Of course, because I was going to the UK. It’s exactly half the world away from my past. A Ha!

Track 013 – Cigarettes and Alcohol
I think the title is quite self explanatory, but if you want me to say it loudly, then yes… this is more or less the life in UK, and it would lead to…

Track 014 – Champagne Supernova
Okay, the lyrics is a little bit obvious: “… where were you while we were getting high?”

Track 015 – Rock And Roll Star
Go to the club… and… “Tonight… I am a rock and roll star!!”

Track 015 – Hindu Times
Uh.. yeah, another romance -_-”. “Running through my head running through my veins… you’re my sunshine you’re my rain…” It’s a stronger feeling, of course, I was getting older and (hopefully) wiser. And since I don’t know what lies in the future, so after this track, the story of Byq would be all hypothetical.

Track 016 – Go Let It Out
Bad fight >: o

Track 017 –  Married With Children
Cute fight >_<

Track 018 – Acquiesce
After all the fights, “… because we need each other, we believe in one another, and I know we’re going to uncover what’s sleeping in our soul…”

Track 019 – Wonderwall
Well… hypothetically, if everything goes very well, and hypothetically I changed my mind and decided maybe marriage was not so bad at all, this might be the song I want to listen in my wedding party.

Track 020 –  Rockin Chair
It’s when I get old, and all I want to do is sitting in the rockin chair. And play tribalwars.

Track 021 –  Let There Be Love
TT__TT I DIED!! NOOO!! Oh well… the movie ends.

Track 022 – Live Forever
The end credit. Thanks to everybody who’s supporting this movie.

There are some tracks which HAVE TO be played randomly based on the mood of the main character (which is me).

Bonus Track:

Track  023 – Talk Tonight
The galau moment. Ugh, it is so hard to express “galau” in English. Basically it is the moment of disturbing truth, not necessarily sad, but definitely a melancholic moment when you NEED to talk to someone but you don’t want to, because it’s just annoying even to yourself.

Track 024 – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
The morning you wake up with the best mood ever

Track 025 – Sunday Morning Call
The morning you wake up with massive hangover – usually happened in sunday morning *shrug*

Track 026 –  D’you Know What I Mean?
Any kind of problems with family or friends because they just misunderstood, and you became so angry and you can not just tell them to go and fuck themselves

Track 027 – The Masterplan
When you suddenly having the epiphany that life is just what life does

Track 028 – Girl In Dirty T-Shirt
When the main character (which was me) lost and trying to find herself back

Track 029 – Lyla
Same as above. Because this occurrence happens a lot, these two songs can be used interchangeably.

Track 030 – The Importance of Being Idle
I am not really sure where it should be, but this song definitely should be in the movie. Maybe when I was playing tribalwars, or just writing this blog. But DEFINITELY…MAYBE.


There there… I know there are a lot of songs I want to put in the track but I just don’t know how (and 30 is a good number). Please if you know how to use “Supersonic”, “Born in A Different Cloud”, and one of my favourite, “Some Might Say”. I was thinking that since the end credit would be long… very long, I can squeeze “Some Might Say” after “Live Forever”.

Oh well.

Have I told you I like Oasis?


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