The Not So Ordinary Faerie Tale Ep. 3


“I don’t know,” Princess Cinnamon did not seem surprise.

Actually, she was not surprised at all. No one in the world knew her better than Coco. Although that simple girl knew nothing about literature, music and foreign languages, she knew Princess Cinnamon by heart. She would have guessed from the sudden changes in her daily activities, the books she read, or she might have found the gold coins under the bed. Or, she just had a gut feeling. Or, she was not as simple as princess had thought she was.

Suddenly, Princess Cinnamon felt sad. Not because she could not cook, or make her bed, or fold the clothes, or basically do the house chores herself; she felt terrible because she might lose a part of her life. Coco was more a sister than Princess Lavender and Princess Violet who she met only sometimes when the King and Queen summoned them for the family dining time – which was not so often considering how busy it would be to rule a land.

“You would not tell my parents, would you?” Princess Cinnamon asked.

It was not a question, actually. However Princess Cinnamon knew it would be very selfish to put Coco in this position. Well, she could be very selfish, because she was a Princess; but she could not do that to Coco.

“Why would you want to go?” Coco asked again.

See? She was such an adorable simple girl. Princess Cinnamon felt sorry that life might has been so cruel so that it made Coco could not see that the sky is limitless. She felt sorry that Coco was so contented with her little bubble. Of course, Coco never read what she read in this foreign book; the colourful world of arts, music, and good wine (since she was 18 at this moment, the King and Queen allowed her to enjoy this piece of heaven every time they threw a party). But Princess Cinnamon could not explain this to Coco; her brain might not be able to take this much.

Apparently Princess Cinnamon took too much time to think, so Coco thought she did not hear the question properly; thus she needed to repeat it.

“Princess, why do you want to leave?” she repeated, this time slower and louder, as if the princess had a hearing problem.

“I am not deaf, Coconut. I just could not find a way to explain it to you,” said Princess Cinnamon rather offended.

Then Coco took turn to be offended. But she could not show that to Princess Cinnamon, obviously. She’s the princess.

“Well, you could have tried,” Coco pouted.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because I don’t understand why you would want to leave and being a commoner.”

Princess Cinnamon took awhile to process that sentence. After a few seconds, and still could not understand, she finally asked Coco:

“What do you mean?”

“You realise than once you leave this kingdom, you would no longer be a princess anymore, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Princess Cinnamon finally said unconvincingly.

“You haven’t thought about it before, did you?”

“It does not really matter, Coco!”

“Yes it does, Princess! When you are not a princess you have to cook yourself, and all other house chores; and of course you have to work to get gold coins. And sometimes, most of the time, it would not be gold. Have you ever seen copper coins before?”

“I don’t know if I should be offended with that, Coco. Of course I’ve seen copper coins before! And you don’t think I could live in the street, do you?”

“You have to take me with you, Princess. Someone should take care of you,” Coco finally said that. She did not know if she would one day regret what she said, but all she could think of was the welfare of the princess.

“But I would not be a princess anymore, you remember? Why do you want to go with me?”

That was outrageous! Coco grunted; not out loud, of course. She just could not believe what the princess had just said. But what made her more annoyed is that because she had not been prepared for this question. Couldn’t she ask something more embarrassing than this one?

“What do you want me to say to you, Princess? I am your servant. Of course I am sticking around,” she knew the answer was feebly, but she could not say it in any other way.

“But if I was no longer a princess, why do you want to serve me?” Princess Cinnamon could not hold herself and giggle.

Coco snorted angrily. The princess’ victorious giggle made her completely mad. How she could take this matter very lightly, and laughed about it made her wanted to shake the princess very vigorously so her brain could work. You know, just like how you would make the pocket watch work again.

In that second she really hated the wall between them, a wall that she could not break down; or would not dare to. How could you say to a princess that you considered her as a best friend; someone that you care about more than that you serve? That was simply brazen.

“I know what you were thinking, Coco,” Princess sighed.

She did?

“You do?” Coco could not control her expression, and made herself looked like Lime, that noobish servant who could not say nothing but “sorry”.

“You worried about your job, didn’t you?” Princess smiled calmly.

“Of course I do, but really? Really, Princess? Is that what you think I care about?” Coco never felt so much offended. Princess might have said something that was really inappropriate (hanging around with the outcast might give you that), but never really hurtful. Until now.

“No, you worried about what the King and Queen might say too,” the princess smiled wider.

Pig! Coco opened her mouth to say something, but Princess Cinnamon have started again.

“But most of all, it’s always you and I, isn’t it, Coconut? Well, Bull too, for you… But you know what I mean. I just wonder if one day you can call me Cinnamon, instead of Princess…”

Coco stunned in disbelief of what Princess Cinnamon had just said. The thought of calling the princess by name is just so scary. Nobody. Nobody is allowed to do that. It’s the barbaric, wicked, absurd, thing to do, and she could not do that!

“Princess, you are being silly. How can I not call you Princess. In this land or in the other land, you would still be my princess. My loyalty is to you…” another feebly answer; Coco decided not to hang around with Lime anymore – apparently idiocy is contagious.

“If I wasn’t a princess, we might have been a really great friends, don’t you think so, Coconut?”

Coco the Brave could not answer that one. That was… Well, that was something that a princess could say, but not her…

“If you want to go with me, Coconut…” Princess Cinnamon did not wait for Coco to answer. She knew it would not be fair if she pushed Coco that far.

“Yes, Princess?”

“You might have to stop calling me “princess””


Coco’s biggest fear came to reality. She could not understand how the princess had to make such request. It just made her so cranky; she does not even want to talk to Bull no matter how much dessert he added to her lunch that day.

She did not want to talk to anybody, to be exact; and that made her feel so much worse. If she could just tell the King and Queen about this outrageous matters, life could be so much simpler for her. However in the other hand she could never betray her princess.

That was frustrating. She blamed that ridiculous street musician, the filthy outcast who infused this silly idea in the princess head. If she ever saw him again wandering around this kingdom, she would make him beheaded, or hung in the town centre. Of course she did not have that much power, but she could always “borrow” it from the princess, couldn’t she?

Coco could not sleep that very night. The weather was too cold, her bed was too warm. The princess was too stupid to understand the impossibility of whatever plan she has been working on.


An epiphany struck her. It would be too impossible to be done, wouldn’t it? All she needed to do was to show the princess and make her aware of all this nonsense.

Coco knew how to make the princess do something she did not want to do. Sometimes the King and Queen asked for her assistance to influence the princess so she would agree on something. It worked almost all the time. It would not be so hard to do this again this time.

She could tell her how hard the life in the street. And, that gold coins can only help her to a certain extent, but not so much considering bad guys would be there lurking, and would rob her, rape her, and kill her.

Oh how terrifying was that thought? Coco found herself chuckled with her own idea. How wicked! She believed the princess would slowly give up this stupid idea; just like she gave up the banjo, the flute, and singing (thank God!!).


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  1. Don’t worry, Ike… it is supposed to be a fun read 🙂 I am glad you like the story and it is more than enough to motivate me to keep writing 😀


  2. The story is getting better. I like Coco’s conflicted position and how you put her there. It takes an outsider (sometimes) to know who someone is, I guess… .

    *I am so behind in my reading… u’re writing fast, no? it’s once a week post, right? I guess it’s me and my time…*