Dear Byq: TNSOFT


Regarding my new project: The Not So Ordinary Faerie Tale or TNSOFT, I got some questions from the readers. Of course not all the readers are from this blog, this blog is not THAT popular *Sad*. But I have shown my writings to some of my friends and here are some common questions that came up:

1. Why do you have to make this as a series of Sunday Story?
Well, to be honest I don’t have a particular reason why I HAVE to do that. I don’t have to do that. I just think that it would be good for you and I. The story would take a long time, and I would need time to write and compose the story properly. I don’t want to do the “Indonesian’s sinetron kejar tayang” (on-running TV series) which would basically ruined my well plotted story just because I need to come up with something DAILY. One week is enough for me to make something well composed, maybe not grammatically correct but at least the story would not be cheesy.
And I would want to start a tradition. I remember when I was in Indonesia, I would wait for the sunday newspaper because there would be a page of the short story. I would want to make my readers have something to wait for, something to expect in the weekend, something that relax them. A story.

2. Why a Fairytale?
I know some people thinks that fairytale is for kids. I don’t think so. I think fairytale is the stretch of our imagination; something that you want to believe but you could not. I don’t need you to believe in this fairytale. It is not an ordinary ones :p
I want to write a Fairytale because it was meant to be light, it wasn’t meant to make you think too hard to enjoy the story. It was supposed to be enjoyed and if you want to dissect the story and make a deeper analysis in it, you’re so much welcome to do that. But this story was meant to be a weekend fun. 😀

3. The characters in this story is so much familiar, are they come from the real people? How close this story to the reality?
Of course all characters have their own resemblance in real life. It does not mean it was made from a real model :p But i know why you asked this, it is because you know me in real life, so you know why I write this story 😀
There is a reason why this project is called TNSOFT. It is not supposed to be a total magical, the good and the bad, white versus black kind of story. This is the grey area which has never been exposed in any fairy tales. This is how I bring the magic as close as possible to the reality, the real life when you have to face the moral conducts, life consequences, law and also egocentrism. TNSOFT is about an adventure, family values, exploration, passion, friendship, and well… yeah… if you insist, romance.
Don’t worry, i am not making my semi-autobiography here. I just want to share some fairytale.

4. Are you going to kill someone? (This came from Mr Fix-It -_-‘)
I don’t want to spoil my story, but as Mr Fix-It knows, I like killing characters. So yes, somewhere along the way, someone would die. I just can’t tell you who, how, and why. But it is not going to happen soon. Happy now? -_-”

5. Are you going to sell this story?
Hmm, that is a good question really. You know that I always want to publish a book or e-book or whatever, but I think there are a lot to be considered before I decided to actually sell this story to a publisher, or self publish this story in an e-book. Until then, this is just a Sunday Story 🙂 So, Enjoy!!


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