Hair Cut


I could not remember when the last time I got my hair cut in a hair salon. All I can remember was that I cut my hair short before I went to UK just because I know that the price for hair cut here was so much more expensive. And yesterday I just proved that this is true.

In Indonesia you can get the best stylist from a well known hair salon, and get a personal touch for your hair for around £30. Here £30 is just a hair cut. Of course you can get cheaper but you have to go to a kind of budget hair salon, a kind of salon academy which in Indonesia would cost me around £2. I went to one of those, and paid for £10. Oh well… That’s why at our first term, Denise always did that for me -_-”

Just because I found split end.

I never had split end since I was in primary school. I had it when I was in primary school merely because I was involved in a swimming club. The heat and the water practically murdered my hair. But I believed I had a perfect hair since then.

Until I coloured my hair. Of course… And according to some girls I talked to, the water here has been damaging our hair since the first drop. They said it caused severe damage and massive hair fall. It also caused the dry skin. And spots.

Why the heck I want to live in the place which make me look ugly? I want to cry every time I see the mirror and the only thing that I like there was only the fact that I am still breathing.

So I’ve been postponing the hair cut session for months. Telling people I needed a hair cut but have never actually gone there for various reasons. I did not trust that bloody £10 hair cut.

I was always picky for this thing. In Indonesia, there’s literally one person that I could trust with my hair. I tried other hairstylist but I would tell them this and that and practically directed them for every millimetre they removed from my head. The fact that my hairstyling vocabulary was so limited made me anxious that it could go so fucking wrong.

But things should be done. So I did what I had to do. And be brave.

And add some extra.

I got my haired retouched with the extra red shade. I mean, if I’ve already been in the salon, why the fuck I had to hold back? Just go all the way, and apparently everything went quite well. Not exactly what I had in mind, but meh… This is good enough. For now


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