The Not So Ordinary Fairy Tale Ep. 4


That year the princess turned twenty. The King and Queen were a little bit concerned that she has not yet shown the sign of maturity. Mentally.

While Princess Lavender who was eighteen just announced her engagement with Crown Prince Lion from the Kingdom of Arches, and Princess Violet seemed to get closer and closer to Prince Octo from the Kingdom of Knowledge; Princess Cinnamon seemed to busied herself with this stupid house chores with the useless servant, Coco.

The Queen was not happy. It was quite obvious from the way she talked about it; and especially the facial expression when she talked about it.

Of course as a queen she does not have to hide her disapproval to anyone, but she was also a mother. She could make something happen in just by snapping her fingers as a queen, but she could not do that as a mother. Sometimes she thought being a queen would be so much easier than being a mother.

Being a mother she had to spy, bribe, and keep the children unaware how much she knew about their personal life. Princess Violet for example, how could she think that the Queen did not know anything about her relationship with the prince from the Kingdom of Knowledge?

But Princess Cinnamon was always the difficult one. She inherit the stubbornness of her grandfather, the former King. And although she looked just like the Queen, her brain was not at all like the Queen’s. Quietly, and guiltily, the Queen felt relieved that she was no longer the Crown Princess. She would definitely ruined the whole kingdom with her simple mindedness.

Crown Prince was so much like her. He was the smartest, and of course with her battling skill, he would be able to lead this kingdom to its golden moment once more. Nothing to worry about, that boy was perfect since he was born.

But the Royal Family could not bear the shame if the eldest princess was not married. She knew she had to do something; she just was not sure yet the best way to do it.


Princess Cinnamon closed the door behind her. Her face was as white as paper. Cold sweat dripping from her forehead. Coco had been outside all the time, waiting for her princess to tell her what kind of misfortune would fall upon them both.

She was pretty sure it was because the stupid accident in the kitchen a couple of days ago when Princess Cinnamon cut her finger with the cheese grater. If she found out who reported this to the Queen, she would definitely made that rat’s life miserable. That lowlife subhuman would not be able to see the sun rise tomorrow.

Coco approached to Princess Cinnamon, as she looked like almost fainted. Coco wished the Queen would not punish her princess too hard, or else all her effort to make Princess Cinnamon to give up running away would be useless.

“Mother wanted me to get married,” said the princess after she could breathe rather normally.

Coco almost choked with her own breath. The Queen must have lost her mind. Only a desperate and crazy prince would marry this barbaric princess. Soon her pity took away her anger to the kitchen’s personnels.

“Which prince?” she asked carefully.

“Prince Macchiato. From the Kingdom of Seven Coasts,” Princess Cinnamon answered weakly.

“Oh foreign land! It should not be a problem, shouldn’t it? You have learned foreign language, now it would come in handy,” Coco tried to cheer her up.

“That was not the problem…” Princess sighed.

Oh no. He must be very ugly. Now she would definitely run away. Coco closed her eyes in despair.

“He’s perfect,” said the Princess.

Coco felt like she needs to slap this little weirdo.

“Then what’s wrong with that?” she tried not to yell; she tried really hard.

Nobody is perfect. Princess Cinnamon was aware of that. But this prince was. And she believed that this must be a trap. It would be impossible for someone like Prince Macchiato would need a silly political marriage like this one.

Her first encounter with Prince Macchiato was when she was eighteen. Two years ago when the King of the Kingdom of Summer had his fiftieth birthday, he invited the King from the Kingdom of Seven Coasts. He could not make it because of the small resistance in one of the coastal area, so he sent his second son, the twenty years old Prince Macchiato to give his best wishes.

He was a handsome man, very intelligence and a smart talker too. The King of the Kingdom of Summer spent hours to talk about political situation in the Coasts with this brilliant kid. He favoured his polite manner, and especially how he treated his beloved daughter, Princess Cinnamon.

“This must be a trap, Coco,” Princess Cinnamon ensured her loyal servant who looked frustrated in her confusion.

“Why do you have to overthink this? You like this prince, marry him, and live happily ever after!”

“This is just not what I have planned!”

“The running away plan is ridiculous, Princess. This is the real thing. Take it! Don’t be stupid!”

This servant might need a retraining. How dare she said the princess’ plan ridiculous and telling her not to do anything stupid. Lucky nobody was around to report this outragrous behaviour.

“But that is my dream, Coco,” Princess Cinnamon looked so miserable now.

“You can find a new dream, my Princess.”


“The princess has gone missing!” everybody was in panic mode.

Coco could not find her in her room today when she was going to wake her up for the breakfast practice. Her instinct was to run out and fetch her before she reached the harbour so she could take her back. But now everybody must be looking for her and search on every corner in the city. She must be taking some times to hide.

So what Coco did was packing all her belongings, some gold and silver coins, and food. And pocketed some copper coins as well.

And then went to the King and Queen to tell them what they needed to hear.


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  1. Yay yay yay … Coco is great … I like her reasoning. Yup… I team Coco…
    I have to finish rewriting my introduction today but I’ll read the next episode. I really hope that Princess Cinnamon would not fall for ‘Prince Charming’ … it’s too cliche…


    • Haha… obviously you are 😀

      Keep in mind that this is not an ordinary fairy tale, so you have to forget the cliche, and i hope it would give you the unexpected 😀