Inspiration Is Everywhere, They Said…


Yeah… So they said.

I don’t know if I should agree with this. Of course I have found inspiration in many places; in the bus stop when I was waiting for… the bus (doh!) *rolleyes*, in the bus, in the train, in the a piece of heaven which take a form of a small room called toilet, in the bath tub, on Mr. Fix-It sofa, in Mr. Break-It bed, the village’s porch when I was having my cigarettes, when I was eating chips on McDonalds (that was awful because I couldn’t simply reach my mobile and write), and… basically everywhere. But…

In my own bedroom.

After posting one one video yesterday… of course it was Oasis, I realised that most of my entries were not written in this new room. I know… I know that one of the reason why I took this place instead of the other one was because of that bloody study room, but the fact is, I haven’t actually use that study room and instead writing this on my bed. Nothing wrong with it… it’s just….


It reminded me about something that my lecturer said when I was still studying at Architecture School. On our first day of STUPA, or Architecture Design Studio, the lecturer gathered us in one studio class, and told us that based on his experience, the students who were assigned on the studio 1 is more creative than the students who were assigned on the studio 2 (or vice versa – for fuck sake it was 9 years ago, give me a break *rolleyes*). He assumed that it was because of what we saw from the window. In one class, the window faced to the university’s yard, and the other faced other building’s wall.

I wonder if it has anything to do with our window.

I mean… It was a theory, and I have never known the answer of the theory because I quit Architecture School. But I was thinking that it might be true.

I have never got the same problem when I was in the Village. I have posted the picture of the view from my window and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. It was the sunset, the sunrise, the rainbow, even the creepy fog. It’s just beautiful. It might be the one who opened my brain, and expand my horizon and therefore gave me a lot of inspiration. To blog (I couldn’t get the inspiration to write my dissertation at my room >_< sadly… I just found out that I could write a lot better when I was in the library). Or course, it was THAT melancholic it made me a little bit mushy like an overcooked rice.

Yes… I also found that this theory is flawed. Big time.

If the view from the window gave us a lot of inspiration, how about the inspiration we got when we were doing business in the heaven toilet? Right?

So is that true that the inspiration is everywhere?

Where did you find yours?


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