The Not So Ordinary Fairy Tale Ep. 5


“I can’t believe you tried to go away without me, Princess!” Coco said angrily to the girl in a simple pink dress.

“Coco! How do you know I would be here?”

“I know you would wait until the guards are drawn back to thr palace before actually fled. So i waited here since I heard the King recalled them,” Coco explained proudly.

“What if they tried to find you?” Princess looked worried; made Coco almost felt guilty for being so angry to her.

“Everybody was too busy looking for the missing princess, who cares if one servant is missing from the palace,” Coco grinned victoriously.

Princess Cinnamon was so happy to see Coco, however hugging her would make both of them feel awkward. So she just smiled and thanked her for coming with her.

“I thought you would report me. I know you disprove this plan,” Princess Cinnamon said finally.

“Don’t be silly! You know my loyalty is only to you, my Princess.”

“And start calling me Cinnamon. Once we were in the ship, I would no longer be a princess,” said Princess Cinnamon cheerfully.

“No,” Coco snapped.

“What do you mean no?”

“I have decided that you are my princess wherever we land. And since you would no longer a princess, you could not tell me how I should address you,” Coco said cheerfully now.

And without giving Princess Cinnamon any opportunity to protest, she continued,

“And you know what Bull gave me this morning? Extra dessert! Let’s eat, this is the last time you would taste the palace’s dessert.”


She should have taken the Princess to the palace soon after she found that selfish little brat. Coco hated the ship. She hated the sea. She hated the noisy seagull and those filthy passengers. She wanted to go back to the land, to the palace where she can enjoy whatever Bull cooked for her without feeling vomiting.

Fifteen minutes after the ship sailed to the ocean, her head started spinning, and whatever inside her stomach was imitating the wave she’s been staring at. She could not stand long enough without feeling the urge to run to the puke bucket. It was just filthy. And embarrassing.

Her name was Coconut. And she was born in the coastal area. She spent her childhood in the beach, and seeing the fishermen’s boats come and go. And, she had a nasty seasick.

The princess in the other hand enjoyed every second of it. The wind, the sky, the sun, the wave, the splash of the salt water whenever the wave hit the side of the ship; which would make the ship swing a little, and Coco throw up a little bit more.

“Where are you going, Child?” asked an old sailor to the Princess.

“We are heading to the Land of Four Kingdom and Four Season.” explained the Princess naively.

“Oh is this your first time going to that place?” the kind sailor asked again.

“Yes. I heard about the land from a musician, and I want to see if what he had said to me was true.”

“Child, it is going to be the cold season there. Have you got any proper clothings to wear?”

Princess Cinnamon shook her head. She tried to assure the nice old man that she could stand the cold weather; which instantly made the man laughed unstoppably.

Coco listened to the conversation furiously. That savage old sailor would be hang and boiled once we got back to the Kingdom of Summer. How could he laughed at the princess like that.

“The cold weather in that land is vicious, Child. You should wear clothes hunderd times thicker than one you are wearing now” he said after with all his willpower stopping his laughter.

“Oh, sir what should I do, then?”

“My daughter might have left some of her clothes in my cabin, I think I can find two coats for both of you,” said the sailor.

If not because of the wave again, Coco might have come and slap that old man because of this crazy idea. How could you asked the princess to wear a used clothes? And why does she looks so happy? Didn’t she know that she could catch skin disease wearing unclean clothings.

Frustrated, Coco followed both of them to the cabin where the sailor lived.


“Oh you are the captain of the ship?” Princess Cinnamon could not hide the excitement. Coco was as surprised however her stomach would not let her reacted in a non snobbish way.

The cabin is like a house in one big room. The captain had a table, a big bed, a small kitchen, and one bathroom. How convenient. Coco was pretty angry that the captain did not give the best room to the princess. She just realised she’d been angry all the time. The princess must have made her mental health disturbed.

“After my daughter got married, she stayed on the Kingdom of Summer. She then left all her nice coats here…” the captain opened one wardrobe full of girl clothes and coats.

“Where is your wife?” asked Princess Cinnamon while browsing the clothes she never had seen before.

“She decided she’s no longer want to spend her life at sea. She lives with my daughter and my son in law in the land…”

“And why don’t you stay with your wife?” asked the princess. Coco stared at her in horror; how come the princess said something so rude?

However, to Coco’s surprise, instead of getting offended, the captain laughed. She started to think that maybe he never meant to harm or laugh at anybody, he only had the peculiar sense of humour. Coco decided to forgive him for what he said earlier to her princess; not because of the beautiful furry coat he gave to her and Princess Cinnamon, of course.

“Child, do you want tea?” he asked Coco whose face had turned so pale.

“Yes please if that does not bother you,” Coco gave up. Being stubborn and not accepting anybody’s help would not make anything better.

“Ah don’t worry about that. You both take a seat. Want some biscuits as well?”

Princess Cinnamon shamelessly yelp in excitement. She could not hide her happiness. Everything was just great, nothing could be wrong. She had a feeling that this would be the start of a new life.

The captain sat in the table with both Coco and Princess Cinnamon. Coco sipped her mint tea and suddenly she felt so much better and relaxed. Princess Cinnamon munched her biscuits like a thirteen years old, and the captain started his tale.

“I came from one of the islands in the Kingdom of Winterlands. They have three islands which always covered with the frost. It was always too cold to grow anything in the ground so most of us live by hunting and fishing

I was a son of a fisherman. He was a great fisherman; every morning he would be back home with hundreds of fishes. My mother would smoked those which father could not trade in the market. Live was great.

Then I met captain Shark. He was once a fisherman too, but he was not good at fishing. So he decides to sail. He went to many kingdoms to trade and he became rich! I wanted to be rich, and I decided to come to my father and told him I wanted to be a sailor instead of a fisherman.

“Oh he was so upset, but my mother said to him that it might be good for me to see the world, and learned something from it. So I worked at Captain Shark’s ship,” the captain stopped his story. The two girls were staring at him, amazed.

For a second, Princess Cinnamon thought she might want to be a sailor too. Wouldn’t it great to be able to sail all around the world and see many places, and spend days in a great ocean?

“More tea, Kids?” asked him looking at the empty cups.

“Please,” answered Coco; the tea calmed the storm in her belly.

The captain poured more tea for them and refilled the biscuits for the happy princess.

“Captain Shark did not marry. He lives in the sea, and the ship is his baby. He fought the pirates to defend his ship, it meant to him more than life itself. He never spend more than a week in the land. He said, it would make him landsick.

“So he treated me, his apprentice like his own son. He told me how to conquer the most vile storm, and how to trade in different kingdoms. And I met the woman who would be my wife in the Kingdom of Summer. She was the daughter of the carpenter in the coastal area. Her father helped Captain Shark renovate the ship once when we landed at the Kingdom of Summer.

“I never failed to visit her every time we land there. However it means i can only see her every few months. One day she told me that her mother wanted her to marry a son of baker in the town. I came to her house that evening, and asked her mother to let her marry me instead, and I will take her to see the wonder of infinite world

That fat cow said no,” Captain laughed again.

Coco could not believe the captain just called his mother in law as a fat cow. That was so rude, but she was too curious to listen the rest of the story to be angry or offended by what the captain had said.

Princess Cinnamon in the other hand was so amused she could not stop laughing with the idea of calling somebody fat cow. She had seen a cow before, a fat one, and she could not imagine that cow being mean and refused a proposal from a man who wanted to marry her daughter.

“I would love to continue my story, but it is time for me to check my men out there. You can stay here to rest, I would be back in no time,” the captain smiled happily; it’s been long since the last time he talked like this, and these two young girls just reminded him to his daughter.


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  1. I wish I had Coco as a friend, she seems like a perfect conscience for a dreamer like me …
    I am telling you… the story is getting better…


    • >__< I really want to tell you one thing about this, but I should wait until the whole story is done. And thank you for still enjoying the story 😀