TNSOFT ep. 6


Captain Whale came back from his ship caretaking business with a happy face; and two young men followed behind him. These men carried their dinner. One grilled big fish, a meat stew, bread and also a pie. The room filled with the smell which would make anybody hungry.

Princess and Coco were already hungry, one could not imagine how the smell would affect their royal behaviour.

“Please, eat! I will continue my story while we are feasting,” said Captain Whale cheerfully.

The food tasted really good. Coco never thought the ship cook could make an equivalent match with the palace cook. Princess Cinnamon could not care less; she just enjoyed whatever served in front of her and waiting for the captain to continye his story.

“Right. Her mother said that her daughter should never marry a poor sailor whose feet never land on the ground. I was so broken hearted; the thought of my darling was taken away from me made me think of ending my adventure with Captain Shark.

But later that night, while I was gathering my courage to tell Captain Shark that I decided to stay on the land, he came to me with the biggest surprise in my life. He brought me my wife. He said she came to him to ask if she could sail away with us, and of course he was worried because she was just a small girl. However when Captain Shark knew why she ran from home, he brought her to me.

We got married in the sea, and celebrate it in the Kingdom of Music in the Land of Four Kingdom and Four Season. It was a beautiful day. The weather was great, and I was in love. I am still in love with the same person every day,” Captain drank his tea from his beer glass; Coco suspected he might drink wine from a teacup.

“But you left your wife on the land!” Princess Cinnamon cried out a disapproval.

“Child, life is not that simple, isn’t it? If it was, you would not even be here, would you, My Princess?”

Princess and Coco were both worried now. How could this man recognise them? What if he wanted to kidnap the princess and asked the King and Queen a piece of strategic coastal land, or hundreds of gold coins?

“Please don’t worry both of you. I would not tell anybody. Just like what mother said to my father, it would be a great opportunity if you could see the world and learn something from it,” the captain chuckled, knowing exactly what in these girls minds.

But Coco could not help feeling aware. She politely excused herself for the moon was high, and thanked him for the feast, and dragged the unwilling princess to go with her back to their cabin. And lock themselves there.

“Do not leave this room until we reached our destination, Princess! Do you understand how dangerous it would be if people knew who you really are?”

“Yes I am aware of that. Therefore, stop calling me “Princess”!”


Coco wondered why it was not surprising at all when she found the princess’ bed had already made (impressive!!), and empty when she woke up. She was pretty sure the funny feeling in the stomach was not come from the nervousness; she had experienced that before – the first time she found out the princess snuck out to meet that musician.

“Idiot!” she grumbled; and felt guilty at the same time for saying that out loud.

She hurriedly make herself look presentable. Not an easy task if you were not in the place where you can access to the luxury of fresh water and fragrance oil, like in the palace. And with the mirror so small she could not make sure that she had put everything together properly.

This was what Coco always believed: she might not be the prettiest servant in the palace, but she could always make herself look presentable by taking care of herself. How you present yourself would be what people see you. Nobody cares for a smelly fat woman with messy hair and greasy face.

Even if she had to vomit her guts out today, she would do that looking pretty!

One second before she reached the door, Princess Cinnamon came in with a pot of tea. And two cups. The princess made her tea? She felt more embarrassed than being hung naked in the town centre.

“Ah! You woke up and ready,” she placed the tray in their small table.”Have some tea before we go out and enjoy the day, it is incredible out there!”

“Princess! You cannot do this for me!” Coco pointed out to the tea with an expression of horror.

“Why not? You have done this for me all the time, I know how to do it too,” the princess poured the tea for both of them; spilled it a little; wiped it with bare hand – changed Coco’s embarrassed expression to disgusted in an instance.

“And how about our plan not to go out from this tiny shabby cabin until we reached your destination?” Coco changed the subject – knowing exactly that arguing about tea with her princess would just counterproductive.

“But Captain Whale has the tea,” the princess smiled, obviously enjoying the furious servant’s reaction.

“Princess we agreed…” Coco could not finish her sentence.

“No, Coconut. Not “we agreed”. It was “you decided”, remember?”

The only reason why Coco followed Princess Cinnamon to the captain’s cabin is purely because she could not let the princess die alone. If the captain wanted to kidnap the princess, then that old man had to take her too. She did not want to be kidnapped but, whatever, if it happened she could just rub it on the face of that brainless princess.

It is not that the princess did not know what worried her beloved servant. But Coconut definitely have underestimated her excellent judgement of characters. She had never been wrong, and she was sure that she was right this time. She would not care if Coconut wanted to miss the captain’s cool adventure; but she wanted to show her how shallow her judgements were.

The captain of course felt the tension between the two ladies. As much as he enjoyed teasing these girls like what he always did to his own daughter, and how much fun he had from this, he could not help feeling sorry for them.

“Coconut, you do not have to worry. I don’t have any intention to abduct your princess. It is safer here with me than out there with sailors who haven’t seen women for week,” Captain explained it nicely to Coconut who kept staring at him suspiciously.

“Sure,” she said unconvincingly.

“Don’t mind her. Just continue your story!” Princess Cinnamon demanded, before she added, “please?”

Sometimes she just forgot that she was not at the palace anymore. She had to be polite when she asked something from other people. If nobody had seen her, she might have smacked her own head for being so rude.

“Haha. Right. So where were we?” Captain Whale entertained the princess.

“You married the lady,” Princess Cinnamon replied fast and cheerfully.

Princess Cinnamon never heard her own father told her his love story. In fact, she barely talked to the King; except for the special occasion when he would summoned her and questioned her over some reports about her mischiefs. She wondered how the captain’s daughter looks like, anf how happy for being a daughter of a chatty daddy.

“The sea is not a friendly place for a girl, but my darling was a very strong woman. She was tougher than the sea rock. She followed me wherever we sailed.

“And then Captain Shark died because of his illness. He got this illness from too much drinking and having fun with the ladies in the seaport. When he died, he gave me this ship,” Captain Whale face looked so gloomy. Princess Cinnamon would have offered a friendly hug if she was not a princess. She hated being a princess.


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  1. Fav quote: “He got this illness from too much drinking and having fun with the ladies in the seaport.” —> I am grinning now … thinking about sailor+syphilis … #slapmyownhead