I know that I am a little bit uninspired lately. There are many things going on right now, not only in my life, but also in my head, but I don’t have this urge to write something. It is, of course a bad sign. Writing is onr thing that can keep me sane, and now I’m so close to being crazy.

An update, of course… I don’t know where to start. All I can say for now is that things are complicated, and I need to runaway again. But now, forever.

Oh, I’m playing tribalwars again. Of course. I have made an oath that after the dissertation was done, I’d start playing again. It’s a good destruction distraction though.

I mean, after I accidentally went to mr break it facebook account and felt sick for few days because of it, I need something to make my brain busy. Of course, a game, with a lot of strategy, and drama… And guess who’s just got elected as the leader? Not me.

I suspected facebook and tribalwars are two things that make me uninspired. But then I thought again, probably it’s becaise of myself pulling away from the sunshine. Either or, I felt guilty by not taking care of my blog.

Another update is AK’s arrival to UK. Welcome :D, Win’s back to Indonesia, and one of my friend is getting married. Oh please don’t start asking me about that “M” word, that’s kind of sensitive, and I will tell you why.

And lately I’ve been cooking quite a lot. I’m getting better at it, you know? And apparently my new skill has impressed some people… Some unexpected people. Like my parents, or my siblings. I’ve even developed the presentation skill, you know. If I’ve got the photography skill as well, I might be able to sell those shits!

I also reconnect with some people. Onyed is one of them, after another break up, apparently. And also Pleakley – hmm, I think I mentioned her a lot in the “accidentally deleted blog”, but yes… Story about her would also followed later. But to be honest I don’t know what I feel of these reconnection.

Hmm… New house, new house mates, get along pretty well with them. Trying to quit smoking. Trying to have a healthy diet. Buying gym ball and yoga mat, and never use them. Don’t judge me, I’m just one of millions people who do that. I want life to change, and I want to be in control of how it should change. Not so much of a request, isn’t it?


That’s an update.


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