Another Hacking Attempt?


Oh come on!

Which part of “this blog is the only thing that keeps me sane” these people don’t understand. Unless they are bullies whose lives are dedicated to create as much suicide attempt in the world, it is ridiculous to know that some people really really want to mess up with some personal blog. Which is not even popular.

What has happened?

So, I got this notification from wordpress that some fucktard is trying to reset my bloody password. Don’t know who. Don’t know why. Don’t fucking care. It means that someone wanted to access my blog.

Pathetic sot. I don’t see what you’re gaining from taking this blog. This blog only have around 100 unique visitors a fucking month. Some of them probably came here by accident. If I was lucky I might get few comments (and few hundreds of spam comments) in a week. It’s fucking pink, and the entries are so bloody useless. So, seriously, if anyone wanted to take over this blog to get recognition, it’s seriously a mistake.

Why the fuck, someone wanted to hack this blog?


It is someone who’s severely hurt by what I wrote in the blog. Probably some wankers who were constantly lying to their partners, or some idiots who just didn’t like the way I talked about them. You know what? I was not talking about you. And if you ever think I did, you have a problem. That’s all.

So yeah. You hate monday? I do too.

Enough for the rants.



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