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Some people asked me why I chose this path. The boring money wasting path of education. Most of them are girls. They questioned my decision and would look at me either with disbelief or disgust. I don’t care.

Do you know why I went to the Architecture school even if I didn’t want to? My parents threatened me if I insisted to study what I wanted at that moment, they would rather confine me at home and wouldn’t let me to get any degree at all. When I told this to people, most of the reactions I’ve got would be, “oh wow cool. I’d definitely choose doing nothing.”

Isn’t that pathetic?

I really do feel sorry for girls in my country, who believe that doing nothing is better than working hard at school. I do feel sorry for them, for thinking that education is useless. That nobody would use mathematics to count money on daily life, or care enough to understand how brain works because that’s what doctors do, or read history and saying what happened in the past stay in the fucking past. I’m sorry for girls in my country who believe that studying language is ridiculous, those who take this privilege for granted.

You, ladies, are a bunch of ungrateful biatches.

Remember this when you ditch your book and say that you wouldn’t need that in the future. In some other country, education is a to-die-for. Literally.

If you don’t really care about education, I am pretty sure you haven’t heard any shit about Malala Yousafzai. Ring a bell? No?

She is a 14 years old Pakistani girl. She is an activist and a blogger and she wrote a lot about the importance of education for girls in Pakistan.

Ah. Yes. She got shot by Taliban. Twice. One in her head and one in her neck. Got your attention now? Read news for god sake. Until now when I write this blog, this girl is still in the hospital. I hope she would make it, because the world doesn’t need any more martyr.

Yes a group of religious extremist, with weapons and shit, are bloddy threatened by a 14 years old girl who shouted “education”. Something that many girls in my country take for granted (or took and grunted). Shame!

I feel shame when I read the news. I feel shame that I have spent so many years not understanding how lucky I was. I feel shame for wasting my time, and not saying anything. I feel shame for being ignorant and apathetic.


Why these Taliban were so angry, so scared, so threatened by education? It’s not going to make you a rocket scientist or a controversial journalist. It just make you a better human being with knowledge. Knowledge, however was too underrated.

Girls, imagine if you have to live in a country where you’re not allowed to have education at all. You’re fucking illiterate. Let alone twittering about your fancy dinner, you wouldn’t even able to spell your fucking name. Let alone posting status on facebook quoting Marilyn Monroe, you don’t even know who the hell Miss Monroe was. You will live in a house, or prison actually, switch off your brain, shut up your mouth, and spread out your leg whenever asked.

And that’s your life in a world without a fucking education.

This is an angry entry from me. So, cheers for reading.


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