TNSOFT ep. 8


Princess Violet looked unhappy, like everyone else in the palace. But she had a different reason to be unhappy. Jealousy.

Not in a way that she wanted to admit, she always admired her eldest sister, Princess Cinnamon. She was the rebellious one, the one who always be different. The one their mother always shouted at (when no servant was around), and told off because of skipping the dinner time with the royal families and spent time in the marketplace instead.

One day she went home with this old filthy banjo; everybody knew it was a gift from the outcast she met in the marketplace. Although she tried to convince everybody that she bought it. What she bought was those smuggled foreign books.

Oh how Princess Violet envied it. She wished she could understand the foreign language. She would learn it one day when she go to the Kingdom of Knowledge after she marry the prince. But she did not really want to marry. It was her ticket to go away from home and see the world outside the palace walls.

When everybody in the palace was shocked because Princess CInnamon decided to run away from the palace that very morning, she was not surprised at all. All she did was running to Prince Grey’s room and took his royal dagger decorated with gold and ruby which she won from their bet.

Oh yes. Few months before Princess Cinnamon fled from the palace, she and the crown prince made a small wager.

“Once mother tell her about the arranged marriage, I bet she would just run away from the palace,” she told her little brother.

“Oh she would not have the courage to do that,” Prince Grey laughed.

“She would,” she said while nodding.

“I would not bet on it,” Prince Grey smirked.

“I would,” Princess Violet smiled.

“What? For the golden medallion you got from father on his journey last year?”

“For your royal dagger with the big ruby on the pommel?”

And the bet is on. And she won. A little consolation for her unhappiness caused by the anger caused by the jealousy to his sister’s bravery.


“You cannot say that bravery,” Prince Grey was still sour because of losing his bet.

“Oh for me it is,” Princess Violet played with her new toy.

“Careful! It is sharp,” Prince Grey shouted anxiously, as his sister had never learned anything about weaponry.

“Well, it is a dagger, of course it is sharp,” Princess Violet rolled her eyes, pretended to get offended although she enjoyed her moment of victory.

“Would you two please cut it off,” Princess Lavender told her two younger siblings impatiently.

She could not hear about these kind of arguments anymore. She had heard their parents argued about this, and she did not need more from her siblings. Yes, her sister have run away. So what? She will be home soon when she felt all the sufferings living as a nobody in a foreign place. Why people had to make this such a big deal?

Some would side her and admired her, saying that she was brave. Some would say that she was just being foolish and immature. However, she was indifferent. She was never that close to her elder sister, she never knew why she actually ran away. But she knew that her sister had her own reason, and she knew it might be good. Why couldn’t people see things from the bright side?

Why couldn’t people see how this havoc has brought them closer. She could not remember when the last time she and her two siblings just sat in the palace garden and talked. This misfortune gave them something to discuss, something to talk about, something that had not been exist between them. Even the King and Queen started to spend more time talking with them in the regular family dinner; asking awkwardly about their day. It should be a good sign. It must have been a blessing in disguise.

Of course it would not be too pleasant knowing that the people in the entire kingdom were talking about this. It would only need one person to throw the bait and everybody would chase for the information like a hungry piranha. They said the princess ran away with the outcast from the marketplace. They said she ran because of the arranged marriage. They said that she actually died because of an unknown disease and the palace just wanted to cover the story by making up this one. They said that the Queen had disown her because she was pregnant.

It was crazy how people could just making up something to satisfy themselves, wasn’t it?

However, she knew something that her other siblings did not know. Something that was only discussed in a closed room, just between her and their parents. And Princess Cinnamon’s servant – Coconut.


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