The Ladder Theory


I’m so interested with this theory. I mean it. You haven’t heard it? Well, you can just browse it if you want, because I will only give a brief explanation about this so called the Ladder Theory.

The Ladder Theory is basically explaining about the friendzone mystery. “Ladder” is the preferential level of the sexual attraction. The higher the position of someone in the ladder, the more sexually attractive the person is. So if you’re friendzoned, basically there’s someone else in the higher level of the ladder… That’s the theory for guy’s ladder.

However the author of the Ladder Theory also said that there’s the second ladder. And only girls have this second ladder. This one is the fake ladder. No matter how high you climb this ladder… Heck, it’s a fucking wrong ladder. He also mentioned the possibility for someone to jump from one ladder to the other ladder is there, although it’s near to impossible. You have to combine this with Barney’s Theory about the friendzone.

Many girls tried to deny the existence of the second ladder, and even criticised this theory; saying that this came from a bitter frequently friendzoned man. Well, it could be, but hell, can’t you see the fucking truth in it? I can. And I fucking agree with it. I just see it with a less bitter perspective.

Yes girls have two ladders. Yes boys only have one. Yes friendzone is exist.

Girls who claimed to have a lot of male friends usually realised that they’re already in the bottom of the ladder already, they just wouldn’t admit it. They wouldn’t admit:
1) The so called “male friends” are actually sexually interested to them.
2) They are in the bottom of the ladder so there are others above her. Yes competition.
3) They’re friendzoning this guy and take advantage of him.

It took years for me to understand this shit, and learn that the only way to have male friends is being up front about the friendship. Take it or leave it dude, and not let them hang like Chinese roast duck. It makes me hungry by the way.

Apparently, not only girls but also boys don’t realise about the existence of the ladder. Boys who thinks, “oh I’ve been friends with this girl forever” didn’t realise that once she went through that “ugly duckling” metamorphosis, she would surprisingly crept to the top of the ladder. Gosh, have you ever watch those teenage drama or listen to any of Taylor Swift sappy songs? No? Well, now you don’t need them because there’s a theory that helps you understand this weird phenomena.

So, do I agree with the theory which basically say that girls are biatches?

Ugh. Tough.

I agree with the theory. But I don’t think that’s the right premise to start this wonderful theory. I think this is a kind of theory which was developed from what’s constructed in the society. The role of the preys and predators, the expectation of politeness, and all that crap. It’s not something genetic, unlike the skin complexion, hair shade, or the skull shape. It is something that evolved in the society.

It’s the behaviour which was learned in order to react to what’s been thrown to them over time. Of course, like every weapon in the world, it’s being abused.

The second ladder was there to maintain politeness. Women were expected not to be rude to men, so showing a vulgar disinterest is not something that’s appreciated. It was there to fulfil the role of women as the more sociable being, while male were out there to work and ear money and be the boss. This ladder is something that helped women not to suffer too much when they were in the weaker position in the society.

I don’t think modern women need this manoeuvre. This second ladder is a flaw. It is the same with the misogynistic attitude that every single guy in the world secretly has. Screw exception.

Remember my post about stereotype? Yes we all have it. The second ladder, the misogyny, just like stereotype is something that is culturally developed. It’s unavoidable, and unfortunately isn’t easy to be wiped from human civilisation. It’s not something you can control.

But you can control your attitude. Can’t you?

Have a nice day. Cheers 🙂


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