The Art Of Solo Travelling


I like solo travelling. It means traveling alone, not travelling around Solo (my hometown, fyi). I’ve done that few times and I enjoyed it a lot. Even more than travelling with companies. However apparently, this kind of travelling is not very popular among Asians. First Denise told me she doesn’t like travelling by herself, and Amy told me the same, and just few days ago Nuh, my housemate told me exactly the same thing. They don’t like travelling alone.

Actually I am not surprised why. Putting them into the same category, you can see that they belong to the “asian girl” type. Apart from their independent and modern lifestyle, they still have the same core. Denise doesn’t believe that women can’t fuck around without being emotionally involved, Amy desperately wanted a marriage and well… basically a family, Nuh even said that she restricted her contact with guys. All of them believes that one day in the future I would change my mind and want to have a family.

Of course I’m still in the rant mode. The “M” word bugged me like nothing else. I’m so tensed because of that. But oh well, I’m talking about Solo Travelling aren’t I?

What I like the most about travelling by myself is the carefree attitude I can have all the time. I don’t have to worry about someone else’s request. I can walk faster if I want, or slower if I wish. I can eat when I feel hungry, or just nibble some snack when I am drowned in too much fun. I can start early, and don’t have to feel pissed because some lazy bum wanted to lie in. I can sleep early if I want to and don’t have to argue with the party animals who wanted to hang out with the DJ.

I can get lost in the city without a crybaby begging to find a taxi because her leg hurts after walking all day. Oh yes I always prefer walk if the weather is nice. I don’t have to stop to shop, or feet rub, or toilet if I don’t want to. For me solo travelling is a fuck-yeah activity.

However like what I’ve said earlier, I am understand that for many of my friends who’s in the same “asian girl” category with me, this idea of travelling without company is a hell-no. I think it is cultural. You know…

Growing up in a collectivistic culture, I can understand how vulnerable it would feel when you have to be by yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself, no safety net. Making an individual choice, and not following the group decision. And plus they are girls, being alone became twice as annoying. It means no chit chat on the train, no gossiping while having lunch break, it’s like the social life is dead while travelling. Bad.

The fact that I like travelling by myself doesn’t make me less a woman than those ladies, okay! I’m just enjoying my trip without expected nuisance. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to travel In group one day.

If I can choose my travelling buddies, they would be my sisters. Yep.

It would be great to have adventures with them. They don’t fuss, they are practical, they like what I like and they wouldn’t make weird request that would piss me out. They would definitely make perfect travelling buddies. Don’t forget to add, they are organised and they travelled a lot before, so they wouldn’t bug me with unnecessary hassles.

So, for those who likes travelling alone, there are some things that helped me a lot during travelling:
1. Google map
2. Power bank
3. Money

What I always have in my bag: music player, ID card, a bottle of water, snack, notebook and pen. Note the important stuffs like the departure time and date, the ticket reference, or the hotel booking confirmation, it would always come in handy because no one would remind you about those details. Travelling solo would require higher responsibility too.

One more thing about travelling by yourself is that it would be easier for you to make new friends, if you want to. When you are travelling by yourself you would not be these guys who sit in group and talk and laugh loudly and not only drive away potential friends but also piss some people.

Some people told me that I was so brave for travelling alone. It is not bravery. It is being prepared and being aware with what happened around you. It teach you to be smart, to be organised, and to be able to make decision for yourself.

Are you a solo traveller?


2 responses

  1. I don’t agree that solo traveling dealing with (Asian) culture. I think it is more to personal choice, or…. maybe because i am already uzur ya Byq, so i don’t want to do solo travel anymore…. Or maybe because i have a lover so i want to travel with him…

    Solo travel sucks… Makan hati… bikin cemburu… lihat grup traveller lainnya atau sepasang traveller yang bercanda di samping meja kita pada saat makan malam di restoran, sementara aku makan sendiri…

    Ndak enak, karena ndak ada yang bisa diusili di jalan…

    Solo travel nggak enak karena aku harus duduk disamping orang asing di kereta atau bis atau pesawat…. Oh no, not anymore, i prefer travelling together with my partner.

    But anyway, if i am a single, i still prefer to do solo travelling anyway…

    And anyway again… Check tis site:, great for solo traveller like you to do trip through Europe, highly recommended 🙂


    • ih kamu sih nggak ada asia-asianya, Djo… cuman penampakannya aja asia :p atau mungkin harus aku ralat bukan “asian” culture tapi “collectivistic” culture ya? 🙂

      thanks for the link, sorry kemaren ga langsung muncul comment km karena ada link jadi harus dimoderasi :p