Do I Owe You Something? (Part 2)


This is not the first time my mother sent me those forwarded messages. Or some people familiarise themselves with chain messages. You know the kind of message which basically full of bull crap, condescending shits, and literally sickening. What worse about these chain messages is that they ask you to pass this junk to other people. Why the fuck I want to do that?

Maybe you remember my long obscene and agonising rants about spamming people through blackberry broadcast? Well basically since then I decided to just delete anybody who sent me these piece of shit. Resulted to the significant decrease of people on my contact list. But fuck I couldn’t delete my own mum.

Just because she’s my mum.

Lately she sent me the more annoying messages about parents-child stuffs. I remembered the first time she sent me those kind of message was ended with “if you love your mum, pass this to other people”. And what? If I don’t pass that bloody stupid poetically sickening message, then it means I don’t love my mum? Why the hell she wanted me to read that? That’s stupid.

Sorry. She’s my mum and I love her, but that kind of stuff is shit.

And this morning, just when I woke up, I got a message from mum. Same shit, different smell.

Okay. My mum didn’t pay my education for nothing. I studied communication to understand even the more subtle messages than that. If she wanted to say something, just leave those badly encrypted codes, and just say it in my face, and we can settle this. Sending me a picture with a quote “surga di telapak kaki ibu” (heaven is under your mum’s feet), and ask me if it was funny wouldn’t make me feel anything but sick and annoyed.

I was so tempted to say what if I don’t believe in heaven? Or how about those whose mum doesn’t have feet? That proverbs was heavily flawed if you want to make your kids feel obliged to love you because you are their mum. It is a constant reminder that you owe yourself now to your parents.

And that is exactly my question. Are we obliged to love our parents? Are we obliged to pay the back? Do we owe them our life?

If the last time talk about this I left the discussion hanging. I am telling you now that I don’t think that you owe your parents your life. As much as I love my parents, and if bad things happened to them it would certainly makes me upset, I don’t think I owe my life to them.

It wouldn’t make me less grateful to have parents who would do anything for me, but it is sad if they do that if they want something from me in return. What things? Well, it could be extreme show of gratitude, grand children, or just simply someone to take care of them when they’re older. If you plan to have kids with that kind of vision, you’re a selfish motherfucking twat. Yes I call you twat, get over it.

And stop that judgemental look.

I don’t need anyone to tell me that I owe something I’ve never asked. I’ve never asked to be born. It was always the parents decision to go through that process and make me happen. Telling me I owe them my life because they decide to let me alive is like the bloody mobile phone service provider which let you text as much as you want without telling you that it wasn’t free and suddenly withdraw some money from your bank in the end of the month telling you that you owe them… Something you never asked. Which in fact, if they ask you in the beginning, you might never use their service at all.

Those bastards.

Not my mum. That mobile network provider.

And of course, I couldn’t tell this in my mum’s face. Isn’t that enough to show that I care about her feeling? And the fact that I never actually deleted her from my lost after sending me those junks on my inbox… Isn’t that enough to show that I love her so much that I ignore those annoyance from her? And the fact that I still talk about her and how a great mother she is in many of my posts here, isn’t that enough to show how I respect her as my parents?

If care, love and respect wouldn’t make her happy, than maybe I’m not the one who’s being ungrateful here…. Someone needs to introspect herself before sending me another bloody useless messages.



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  1. My mom is so business-like mom … she never bothers sending me anything … no news = good news for her … that’s why every time I called, she always asked, ‘Ada apa???’ expecting the worse …


  2. There will always be a gap between parents and children in which neither can fully understand the other… it’s just one of those things that can’t be helped. They’re just more “traditional” than us, raised with different values (or same ones that we just rebelled against when they didn’t?) so as frustrating as it is, there’s not much we can do about it short of telling them the blunt honest truth to their face, but that may end up hurting more than fixing anything.

    That’s just my take on it… :p Btw, isn’t your mysterious birthday around this time of the month? Happy birthday for whenever it is :p


    • generation gap is something something else, but i think this one is about the perception in family value in different culture. Heheh…

      Thank you 😀 I am twenty seven now. feel damn old