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TNSOFT ep. 13


Banjo just arrived home after a long two weeks with her fellow musicians. They’ve been singing in the cities of the kingdom of Music. People were coming from the four kingdoms, and they’ve been making a lot of money by doing this. He have done that a lot after he went back from the Kingdom of Summer. The money he got from the princess got him enough not only to sail back to his hometown, but also to start a better musician group.

It’s always nice to come home. His wife would welcome him with a lot of hugs and kisses, and his daughter would shout an annoying hysterical joyful shriek which can only be done by kids. And then the home cooked meal would be served in the table, and the family friend would gather to raid those pieces of goodness without paying. But it’s nice to come home, it is nice to have a place to come home to.

Viola, his wife was once a musician too. A very great one, even. She composed great songs, and even some of the best songs Banjo played with his fellows were her works. But she got pregnant not so long after they married. She said it was a blessing, although quietly everybody thought it was a mistake. She stopped playing music, and started playing dolls with her daughter. Within a year, nobody remembered the great female musician Viola.

They lived in one posh estate just outside the Fortress City. It was a small house when Banjo bought it the first time he came home from the Kingdom of Summer. Slowly, he and Viola who met when they were working as the Kingdom of Music Royal Musician in the palace, upgraded it little by little.

“Father!!” His little girl would run and jump to him, and he could feel her became heavier and heavier each time. Last time she did that he felt his back cracked a little, he thought it almost broke. But he enjoyed that, knowing that probably in few years, she would decide to marry some guy and leave her broken hearted old man alone.

He would show her whatever he bought on his journey for her. One time he brought home a wooden elephant toy, another time a pretty colourful dress (which apparently was too big at that moment she had to wait another year to actually fit to wear that dress). And when he learnt that buying clothes or shoes were too risky, he would buy her nice jewellery. A cheap one for the little girl, and the expensive one for her mother.

They called her Harmony. They used to call her Harmony.

She died last Winter, when the ice on the lake surface cracked. Her mother was never recover and drowned herself in the same lake when the spring came.


Only In Indonesia


Mr. Fix It asked me whether I have ranted anything lately. I just realised I haven’t been so angry lately, and quite happy about the fact that maybe for awhile life was good. But no. My home fucking country wouldn’t let me live with peaceful mind and contented heart. They have to, need to, and I believe they only reason to exist was to make my good day bad.

The news today: The Town Council in Wonogiri is in the discussion to make all students there fluent in reading the Koran. If they couldn’t do that they could be imprisoned for 6 fucking months. What the motherfucking fuck?

I have nothing against religion, any religion, but idiocy like this makes me skeptical if religion would ever do any good to human civilisation. Seriously. Enforcing the ridiculous law would make your townspeople- who have already been quite well known as a bunch of dimwits who are 100 years behind the prehistoric civilisation- even more laughable. Oh wait, is that a sense of humour I’ve never known before.

I said nothing when the so-called the department of national education tried to remove English in the national curriculum. Wasn’t that a brilliant idea, when our neighbouring country enforced their citizens to be a part of the modern world, our country made such a brave unconventional move to step backward! Incredible!

I said nothing when the same department decided not to teach natural science in school. And instead adding more moral and religion in the so called curriculum. They thought evolution theory was made by the evils, and instead they teach the kids cretinism creationism. What are these dimwits doing in my bloody government??

Asian students are quite popular for their brain. But of course the Indonesian national (un)educational department don’t want to be a part of this. We want to be different, don’t we? We want to be the dumb Asian and we can be stand out among the other Asians. Of course, I know this is a great strategy to make us the leader of the world!

So yeah. Wonder why the riches sent their children to study abroad? Don’t say that they are snobs who do not love their country. They just refused to be stupid. I don’t blame them.

I always had something to say about Indonesian educational system. Not that I’m a psychotic bastard who’s never satisfied with my country. I do care and I wrote because I care. And I hate the way those fucktards fucked up the education in this country, by mixing and confusing it with reli-fucking-gion.

So yeah. That’s a rant.


Book Review: When God Was A Rabbit


Title: When God Was A Rabbit
Author: Sarah Winman

Elly was not an ordinary girl, and she knew it. Her friend Jenny Penny was not an ordinary friend, therefore they became a greatest bestfriend. Her brother Joe was not an ordinary brother as well. Elly’s life was never ordinary, and it became even more an adventure after her father won a lottery and she had to moved to Cornwall.
Elly’s extraordinary family met extraordinary people which changed their life. They helped each other, enriched each other and together they made an incredible story.

There are not so many books that could make me cry. And I couldn’t remember any which made me cry every five pages. This one did.
The heartwarming story about family and friendship, especially about the sibling relationship touched me deeply. Stung me a little bit even when I read it.
It was so well written, and you can notice the changing of the narration in the beginning of the story when Elly was a little girl and when she became older and older. The characters were so well described from Elly’s point of view, and was strong enough to make you imagining them as a real person.
What I like the most from the writing style is how Sarah Winman played with my emotion. It was funny, and very cheerful in one second and the story would rolled downhill so fast and became so dark and gloomy in the next second. Without you even realised when it was happening. Sometimes I felt guilty for laughing, and silly for crying when I read this book.
Would I recommend this one? Definitely. I am not sure whether this book is published in other language because this one is apparently her debut novel, but if you can find it in any bookstore, this one worth your every penny.

Byq vs Food


I hate watching Man vs Food.

Man vs Food is a television program about a man who eats shitload of food disgustingly. I don’t know about other people but for me it is disrespectful to food. And I don’t like that kind of attitude.

I love food. I grew up with the respect of good food. I probably don’t have the most delicate palate but I know good food. I’m picky but I don’t throw away food unless it becomes life threatening. I don’t like people who plays with food, and I think kids who plays with food should have an extremely nasty bollocking and (if it wasn’t against the law) also a hundreds spanks to keep them reminded of how wrong it is to do that.

These are the actions I consider disrespectful to food:
– mixing and stirring food in your plate until they look disgusting, and decide not to eat it (because it looks disgusting)
– mixing leftovers and put sauces and salt and peppers, basically playing with leftovers
– smearing or placing food on body parts, cakes on faces for example
– spilling stuff and not feeling sorry for that, and doing that over and over again
– food war, throwing food in the air aiming to others
– over eating until you sick (Man vs Food)

I am not going to tell you about how many kids somewhere dying for food, starving for days and actually killing for a piece of bread. I am not going to tell you about the farmers who work their arse off to grow rice, wheat, corn, or whatever, or how many cows were killed, or how many unborn chicks… To make you that bloody big mac. I don’t think you need those bullshit.

You are what you eat. Your attitude towards food is the reflection of your attitude towards yourself. You might think I made that up (well, I did actually), but that’s true – you just haven’t realised that. But do you know why girls are head over heels in love with guys who cooks good food? Do you know where “the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” comes from? The sub-conscious realisation that food is the source of life is apparently natural for human being.

For me it reflects maturity, respect, and wisdom. It reflects character and personality. It reflects the lifestyle, even life quality. It is believe it or not, one of many considerations for me in choosing a life partner. (“Oh you don’t eat bacon? I think we should reconsider the relationship.” “What you’re vegan? Don’t even mention we kissed!” “Ooh you know good wine? Come to Mama, Big Boy!”)

The love of food is shown also from the way you enjoyed it. Do you eat properly? Politely? Full mouth with crumbs all over your shirt? Noises when you chew? Soups dripping on the table? Clean plate with cutlery positioned just in the right place (oh you got me moist just by doing that)? Can you use your chopstick properly? Do you make that squeaky noise when you cut your steak?

Oh yes I do care.

I was raised in a family who cares.

I don’t care if it sound snobbish, but I think it is important. Of course I did some disrespectful acts like got too drunk and got sick afterwards, but I admit it was low and wrong. I try not to do that (too often), after all, I don’t drink as much as I did.

I love food.

It makes me hungry.

TNSOFT ep. 12


“You don’t look too happy,” said Spike the Guard when Coco showed up at their meeting point.

“I just can’t find the reason why I should be happy to see you,” Coco said, trying not to sound too sincere about what she had just said. .

“You want me to stop following you and the princess,” the guard laughed, not too loudly.

“And you’re stating the obvious. How fun our conversation today,” Coco rolled her eyes.

Yes. Coco thought Mister Guard had stopped following them when she didn’t see him at the port. She was pretty sure about that when she did not spot him when they were shopping at the Central Marketplace. But then a boy with blue eyes came and handed her a piece of paper when she was drinking the three silver coins nasty coffee, and she knew she was hoping too much.

“Hey! What is wrong with you? I thought we were in a good term after our conversation yesterday. Is this the time of the month while every girl becomes a little bit more grouchy than usual?”

“Well, I thought after our conversation yesterday, I don’t have to report to you everyday anymore. You know, at least you can give me a little bit of space…”

Spike laughed again, this time a little bit louder. He shook his head, pitying this girl’s innocence. She’s really bad at lying, he wondered how long she would be able to keep this meetings as secret from Princess Cinnamon.

“You know I’m just doing my job, just like you doing yours,” said Spike relaxing himself by sitting on the ground, Coco was tempted to do the same but she decided not to.

She did not really trust him, she believed he must have been hiding something. However what he had said made sense to her. Maybe he did not want to be there. Maybe he actually wanted to be somewhere else. Maybe he had a family he had to leave because of this job, following an annoying spoiled princess to make sure she was alright. So, Coco decided not to make his job even harder, and reported to him just like what she had been doing all these time.

“So she still wants to go to the Fortress City? Have you told her that there’s nothing there?” Spike looked puzzled.

“I did. I told everything. I even made up stories about the bandits who would stop us on our way there and catch us and torture us and sell us to the lords here. She said she needs to go there,” Coco became a little bit angrier being reminded of her failure.

“I’m sorry for that, and that I cannot help much with information either. Never have been there myself,” Spike looked sincerely sorry.

“That was not your fault,” Coco smiled, just to make that poor guard feel less guilty.

“Can I ask you a question?” Spike suddenly said after few seconds of silence.

Coco was surprised by this request because he usually never asked permission before asking her questions. This must be an important question, so Coco just let him ask.

“Who is Banjo?”

Happy Birthday Brother


There are two things that might arise in your mind when you read this. First, it is either you think that I love my brother more than my sisters. Or second, I like picking out my brother more than my sisters. Either or, was wrong. I don’t do favourites, but yes I do have several reasons why I write a lot of letters for my brother and not for my sisters.

My sisters and I used to have a lot of quality times together. In a way, we have a quite synchronised brain. My brother is eight years younger than I am, we don’t have time to synchronised, and therefore I don’t know how much I know him.

If it was my sister, I don’t have to tell them what to do, because I know they’re going to do the right things. That’s how much I trust my sisters. They’re like the better versions of me. Not that I don’t trust my brother. Man, I know he’s a good person and he’ll do good. But I don’t know if he would do the right thing. And that’s what I have to make sure.

Unlike my sisters and I, my brother is burdened by the family and the society with a different social role. Carrying the XY chromosome, he has to do certain things that we girls don’t have to. As he grew up, he became closer and closer to the bigger responsibility. I want him to be prepared.

I don’t think my brother is special. I mean, he’s special because he’s my brother but he’s not special in “better than my sister” kind of way. He doesn’t deserve a special treatment, but he deserve the knowledge that my sisters and I shared together. My letters to him is just a way from me to share this to him.

So here we go:

Hi, Bro!

I hope you haven’t got bored yet because it’s going to be a long agonising message. But first of all, happy birthday. Thanks for the iPad you sent me.

How was your birthday celebration? I hope it wouldn’t be too wild. Of course, the definition of “wild” has changed from time to time. But you know what I mean. As long as it didn’t include stupid things which would resulted in others people or self harming. All should be well.

Enjoy it while you can, I should say. Your years are numbered. There would be a day you should give up those parties and become the responsible adult. In the family. Your family, and the family you’re going to build later. I’m pretty sure you’re going to take that path, the conventional boring path. But it’s good. Take one for the team. High five!

I’m hoping that you’re having a great year ahead, and another year afterwards, but we’ll keep that for my letter next year. I hope you’re gaining some life skills now since you’re living away from home.

My advice for this year: be kind to others but don’t be an idiot, you can’t make everybody happy (make your sisters happy would make you go far, by the way). Be smart, but never assume others are not smart too. Always on guard, even to people you know for a long time, backstab hurts (especially without lube).

Try new things (the harmless ones), and read books (with more writings than pictures in it). Good crowd helps you grow, bad crowd helps you learn, but only yourself decide. Don’t give up to peer pressure (or girlfriend’s pressure, or sisters’ pressure…) – basically don’t give up to anyone’s pressure. Do things that you believe is right, those who care support you unquestionably.

You’re older, but not yet wiser. Congrats and beware of those wrinkles. Cheers 🙂

Book Review: The Fifth Mountain


Title: The Fifth Mountain
Author: Paulo Coelho

Elijah’s guardian angel told him to tell Jezebel that the God of the Israel was going to curse the land with drought. The queen wasn’t particularly happy with the news the prophet brought to her, especially because he blamed Baal, the God she worshipped. So Jezebel sent the army to kill Elijah, and all prophets of the God of Israel who refused to convert.

After being chased around, the guardian angel told Elijah to go to Akbar. He met a woman, a widow and her son in the city of Akbar who sheltered him and feed him. His relationship and this woman changed a lot of things in Elijah’s life. Slowly he became a part of Akbar.

Does the story sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve read it from a book called The Bible. I’m serious.

The only reason why I kept reading this was because of this is a very interesting fan fiction. I have never actually read any bible’s fan fiction made in such a way. I saw a kids series before. But not a book for adult market. And I thought the twist of the story would be interesting, because Coelho is one of my favourite author.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy this book.

Probably because I knew where the story came from, it just felt like a better version of bible for me. It has successfully create a more humane version of a prophet, and it was written in a way that makes the reader understood that it was a pure fiction (not that I’m saying that the bible is a fiction but… That’s not a conversation we’re having today :D). But it’s like reading a bible for me.

Maybe if it’s written for someone who’s not familiar with the bible, it would be a more interesting story. Or maybe for some people it would create rage. To be honest, I don’t really care about this book. Sad that I had to say this about a book by Paulo Coelho.

I would still recommend it though. Not that I think you’ll like this book, but I was thinking maybe I was too biased when I read this. Maybe other people can change my mind about this book after they read it. I don’t know.

If I should rate this book, I would be generous by giving it 5/10.

“I Want To Mess Around” Update


Yes, yes, yes.

I hope the title is quite self explanatory, because today I am not going to post any review. I know I’ve promised, but I haven’t tell you when I’d do that.


The concert yesterday was a real eye opener. How?

I thought I’m one of the biggest fans, but apparently there are crazier bitches out there ready to spread their legs for Noel Gallagher. Seriously. I queued for more than 5 hours, for one and a half hour performance with fifteen girls who wouldn’t budge even if you paid them. They’re there to stay until they can breathe in the same room with the god himself.

I’m one of them.

It was the second time I went to see Noel Gallagher’s concert. But for those girls, it was the 5th or even the 8th time. Some of them didn’t win the lottery like I did, but they was willing to put their name on the waiting list, buy the ticket with higher price, and shit. Impressive. If I had enough money to do that, I’d do that unquestionably.

The queue was more intercultural than you might think. It’s not all Brits there. In fact I only saw 5 English and 3 Scottish there in the head of the queue (I’m number 17, by the way). There were 4 Japanese, 2 Danish, 2 Canadian, a small group of Italian, and another group from France. And one proud Indonesian. And a lot of small talks.

What have I learned, intercultural-wise, from 5 hours queuing? Ha. I tried to play ignorant bitch here.

“The Japanese are well prepared with food and the Danes with alcohol. While the Danes were drinking, the Scots are drunk already. They surely talked a lot, but not as loud as the Italian. The Canadian talks a lot too, with the American twang the Brits couldn’t stand. After 5 hours queuing, guess who’s cutting? The French!”

I sent that to Mr. Fix-It, and guess what he replied to me? “You are sounding so British. It makes my heart warm”

Skip the concert moment. I will share the picture later.

So after the gigs I went back to the hostel. It was a nice place, a clean safe place. But I am not sure if I liked it.

I mean yes it was so much cheaper, even when it is compared to the budget hotels. Especially because it’s in London and the location was quite central. But I don’t quite fancy the idea of sharing. If it’s not because of the limited budget, and an overnight stay for Noel, I wouldn’t pick hostel for a place to stay.

Oh maybe if I have a group of friend. But not when I’m alone. I’d rather book a budget hotel which give me a ensuite room, or even a guest house with free full english breakfast in the morning.

If money wasn’t the issue.

Anyway. Time to move again, the museums are waiting to be explored.


Whoopsie Daisy…


Yes, that’s what I said when I realised I should have posted a book review. However, I do really have a a very good reason why I haven’t done any review. I honestly feel eager to make one good book review, it’s the situation that wouldn’t allow me to do that.

I really wished you can see the supersmug in my face because I am writing this in the queue. It’s not an ordinary queue. It is a queue for another Noel Gallagher’s concert. Why is it special now? Because it is one of my birthday gifts for myself (and the others are the super expensive skin care which I wish would help me ageing slower). And because not everybody can attend this show.

The tickets were sold based on the lottery. Those who won the lottery would be given the link to buy the ticket. The ticket was limited because unlike the arena (the last gig I went to) the empire’s capacity is only 2000 audiences. Yes. I’m one of the 2000.

Now you understand why I have this smugginess with me. If only my ulcer didn’t give me problems, I might be waiting at the stage door so I can meet my god again. Nope. I had my chance, and I will have it again. I am planning to see him at least once a year ;p

Anyway. Don’t have time to blog now. See you soon

Just An Ordinary Update


I know I owed my readers some explanations. Why I didn’t post any TNSOFT last week. Why I haven’t post anything lately. Why I neglected this blog. Why the sky is blue, why the dog barks, and why do men have nipples.

Well, I did not neglect my blog. I just wasn’t inspired enough to come up with something good to write. Of course I could have written some unimportant details of my life that nobody wants to know (except my mother because she always wants to know unimportant details), but I didn’t want to torture my readers with those stories and I don’t want to humiliate myself (as if I haven’t humiliated myself enough so far).

And about the Sunday Story, I am really sorry about that. I felt so bad for not being able to keep my promise to post the story last Sunday. First, it’s because I believe in promises. Second, it’s because I couldn’t even push myself to write. I felt a little bit like a failure right now. I do really hope my Sunday Story update yesterday was good enough.

Hm… In near future I will post some book reviews I promised a long time ago. I read quite a lot lately, not only that I need to catch up with my reading target this year, but because I have time to do that. I have a lot of good books you guys really need to read!

I cooked a lot. I was thinking of making a new blog. A culinary blog. I am not a masterchef, but I have developed a lot in the kitchen department :D. What do you think about that?