TNSOFT ep. 11


“From the journal of an angry handmaiden whose loyalty has reached the level of utter idiocy. Carefully written in a small beautiful notebook bought in the Harbour City’s Central Marketplace.

“I know I am going to be hung upside down half naked in the city central in the Kingdom of Summer if someone ever found this journal. But, honestly, I couldn’t care less. I cannot just shout my anger to my princess, or slap her in the face (the thing that I really wanted to do since the day she jumped to that damned ship). However, I cannot leave her either, for several obvious reasons. And I don’t really trust Mister Guard because he could just report whatever I ranted to him to the Queen, and I am not in the mood of erecting my own gallows.

“So I bought this book, in the marketplace. When we went for some food shopping, or I should rephrase – I went for food shopping while the princess just stopped in ever souvenir shop and being amazed of whatever she saw. Well,don’t get me wrong, I was amazed too… But someone should be the responsible adult here. Someone needs to take care of both of our well being, and it was quite obvious who.

“Yes. This journal is actually a rant book. I called it a journal and I wasn’t lying. It is the record of my journey of misery and anger, while baby sitting this spoiled brat. This is something I must do, to maintain my sanity.

“So, the princess is sleeping now. We are in this fancy inn called Holiday Inn, not so far from the Central Marketplace. Still in the Harbour City. The princess said we will spend two nights here to rest before we head to the Fortress City. I will meet Mister Guard later just before midnight. Before that, I will keep writing this rant.

“First of all… This Harbour City is amazing. Once the ship is landed in the port, you can see thousands of people there. The port is probably ten times bigger than one that we have in the Kingdom of Summer. Of course it holds more people in it. It was a crazy port there, everybody’s shouting something, a weird language I’ve only heard when the princess is practicing by reading that foreign book. That language, however is the sign that I am in the other side of the world.

“The people are also weird. They are the mixed of all creatures you can only find in the fairy tales and urban legend. The men have a body of giants but the light coloured hair like elves. The women have the most obscene curve of body and bust as big as coconut… I actually thought they were the incarnation of the coconut goddess, having that height and size of breast. The princess and I looked like two dwarves the first time we set our feet on the land…

“Surprisingly, in the market, there are some people from our Kingdom. I saw them selling our products. And those products are so bloody overpriced. I asked that lady, and she said that these giants loves drinking our coffee and tea. I gave her 3 silver coins for a taste of homeland. I gave her 3 silver coins for a taste of a gutter on our homeland. It was the worst overpriced coffee I’ve ever tasted. What’s wrong with these giants?

“Anyway, I saw other kind of people too in the market. Just in front of this lady’s stall, there’s a lamp seller from the desert. He was even taller than the giants, he’s as big as the mountain. His skin is totally burnt, I suppose, because he’s even darker than our fishermen in the Kingdom of Summer. The lady who sold me the overpriced coffee told me that it was his real skin. But who would believe a woman who conned you with damp stinky coffee?

“We did not spend too much time on the market though. It was too cold. We shopped for some more warm clothes, while trying to make ourselves not dead freezing. We thanked captain whale for his precaution. The used furry clothes helped a lot in this windy place. I was literally cried when I knew that the weather in the Fortress City would be slightly colder than this – the captain also warned me how people in this kingdom loves to understate everything.

“Almost midnight now. I am torn between leaving this rant book here or taking it with me. The princess or the guard… I don’t want any of them read this book. I still want to see the sunrise tomorrow.”



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