Just An Ordinary Update


I know I owed my readers some explanations. Why I didn’t post any TNSOFT last week. Why I haven’t post anything lately. Why I neglected this blog. Why the sky is blue, why the dog barks, and why do men have nipples.

Well, I did not neglect my blog. I just wasn’t inspired enough to come up with something good to write. Of course I could have written some unimportant details of my life that nobody wants to know (except my mother because she always wants to know unimportant details), but I didn’t want to torture my readers with those stories and I don’t want to humiliate myself (as if I haven’t humiliated myself enough so far).

And about the Sunday Story, I am really sorry about that. I felt so bad for not being able to keep my promise to post the story last Sunday. First, it’s because I believe in promises. Second, it’s because I couldn’t even push myself to write. I felt a little bit like a failure right now. I do really hope my Sunday Story update yesterday was good enough.

Hm… In near future I will post some book reviews I promised a long time ago. I read quite a lot lately, not only that I need to catch up with my reading target this year, but because I have time to do that. I have a lot of good books you guys really need to read!

I cooked a lot. I was thinking of making a new blog. A culinary blog. I am not a masterchef, but I have developed a lot in the kitchen department :D. What do you think about that?


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