Whoopsie Daisy…


Yes, that’s what I said when I realised I should have posted a book review. However, I do really have a a very good reason why I haven’t done any review. I honestly feel eager to make one good book review, it’s the situation that wouldn’t allow me to do that.

I really wished you can see the supersmug in my face because I am writing this in the queue. It’s not an ordinary queue. It is a queue for another Noel Gallagher’s concert. Why is it special now? Because it is one of my birthday gifts for myself (and the others are the super expensive skin care which I wish would help me ageing slower). And because not everybody can attend this show.

The tickets were sold based on the lottery. Those who won the lottery would be given the link to buy the ticket. The ticket was limited because unlike the arena (the last gig I went to) the empire’s capacity is only 2000 audiences. Yes. I’m one of the 2000.

Now you understand why I have this smugginess with me. If only my ulcer didn’t give me problems, I might be waiting at the stage door so I can meet my god again. Nope. I had my chance, and I will have it again. I am planning to see him at least once a year ;p

Anyway. Don’t have time to blog now. See you soon


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