“I Want To Mess Around” Update


Yes, yes, yes.

I hope the title is quite self explanatory, because today I am not going to post any review. I know I’ve promised, but I haven’t tell you when I’d do that.


The concert yesterday was a real eye opener. How?

I thought I’m one of the biggest fans, but apparently there are crazier bitches out there ready to spread their legs for Noel Gallagher. Seriously. I queued for more than 5 hours, for one and a half hour performance with fifteen girls who wouldn’t budge even if you paid them. They’re there to stay until they can breathe in the same room with the god himself.

I’m one of them.

It was the second time I went to see Noel Gallagher’s concert. But for those girls, it was the 5th or even the 8th time. Some of them didn’t win the lottery like I did, but they was willing to put their name on the waiting list, buy the ticket with higher price, and shit. Impressive. If I had enough money to do that, I’d do that unquestionably.

The queue was more intercultural than you might think. It’s not all Brits there. In fact I only saw 5 English and 3 Scottish there in the head of the queue (I’m number 17, by the way). There were 4 Japanese, 2 Danish, 2 Canadian, a small group of Italian, and another group from France. And one proud Indonesian. And a lot of small talks.

What have I learned, intercultural-wise, from 5 hours queuing? Ha. I tried to play ignorant bitch here.

“The Japanese are well prepared with food and the Danes with alcohol. While the Danes were drinking, the Scots are drunk already. They surely talked a lot, but not as loud as the Italian. The Canadian talks a lot too, with the American twang the Brits couldn’t stand. After 5 hours queuing, guess who’s cutting? The French!”

I sent that to Mr. Fix-It, and guess what he replied to me? “You are sounding so British. It makes my heart warm”

Skip the concert moment. I will share the picture later.

So after the gigs I went back to the hostel. It was a nice place, a clean safe place. But I am not sure if I liked it.

I mean yes it was so much cheaper, even when it is compared to the budget hotels. Especially because it’s in London and the location was quite central. But I don’t quite fancy the idea of sharing. If it’s not because of the limited budget, and an overnight stay for Noel, I wouldn’t pick hostel for a place to stay.

Oh maybe if I have a group of friend. But not when I’m alone. I’d rather book a budget hotel which give me a ensuite room, or even a guest house with free full english breakfast in the morning.

If money wasn’t the issue.

Anyway. Time to move again, the museums are waiting to be explored.



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