Book Review: The Fifth Mountain


Title: The Fifth Mountain
Author: Paulo Coelho

Elijah’s guardian angel told him to tell Jezebel that the God of the Israel was going to curse the land with drought. The queen wasn’t particularly happy with the news the prophet brought to her, especially because he blamed Baal, the God she worshipped. So Jezebel sent the army to kill Elijah, and all prophets of the God of Israel who refused to convert.

After being chased around, the guardian angel told Elijah to go to Akbar. He met a woman, a widow and her son in the city of Akbar who sheltered him and feed him. His relationship and this woman changed a lot of things in Elijah’s life. Slowly he became a part of Akbar.

Does the story sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve read it from a book called The Bible. I’m serious.

The only reason why I kept reading this was because of this is a very interesting fan fiction. I have never actually read any bible’s fan fiction made in such a way. I saw a kids series before. But not a book for adult market. And I thought the twist of the story would be interesting, because Coelho is one of my favourite author.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy this book.

Probably because I knew where the story came from, it just felt like a better version of bible for me. It has successfully create a more humane version of a prophet, and it was written in a way that makes the reader understood that it was a pure fiction (not that I’m saying that the bible is a fiction but… That’s not a conversation we’re having today :D). But it’s like reading a bible for me.

Maybe if it’s written for someone who’s not familiar with the bible, it would be a more interesting story. Or maybe for some people it would create rage. To be honest, I don’t really care about this book. Sad that I had to say this about a book by Paulo Coelho.

I would still recommend it though. Not that I think you’ll like this book, but I was thinking maybe I was too biased when I read this. Maybe other people can change my mind about this book after they read it. I don’t know.

If I should rate this book, I would be generous by giving it 5/10.


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