Happy Birthday Brother


There are two things that might arise in your mind when you read this. First, it is either you think that I love my brother more than my sisters. Or second, I like picking out my brother more than my sisters. Either or, was wrong. I don’t do favourites, but yes I do have several reasons why I write a lot of letters for my brother and not for my sisters.

My sisters and I used to have a lot of quality times together. In a way, we have a quite synchronised brain. My brother is eight years younger than I am, we don’t have time to synchronised, and therefore I don’t know how much I know him.

If it was my sister, I don’t have to tell them what to do, because I know they’re going to do the right things. That’s how much I trust my sisters. They’re like the better versions of me. Not that I don’t trust my brother. Man, I know he’s a good person and he’ll do good. But I don’t know if he would do the right thing. And that’s what I have to make sure.

Unlike my sisters and I, my brother is burdened by the family and the society with a different social role. Carrying the XY chromosome, he has to do certain things that we girls don’t have to. As he grew up, he became closer and closer to the bigger responsibility. I want him to be prepared.

I don’t think my brother is special. I mean, he’s special because he’s my brother but he’s not special in “better than my sister” kind of way. He doesn’t deserve a special treatment, but he deserve the knowledge that my sisters and I shared together. My letters to him is just a way from me to share this to him.

So here we go:

Hi, Bro!

I hope you haven’t got bored yet because it’s going to be a long agonising message. But first of all, happy birthday. Thanks for the iPad you sent me.

How was your birthday celebration? I hope it wouldn’t be too wild. Of course, the definition of “wild” has changed from time to time. But you know what I mean. As long as it didn’t include stupid things which would resulted in others people or self harming. All should be well.

Enjoy it while you can, I should say. Your years are numbered. There would be a day you should give up those parties and become the responsible adult. In the family. Your family, and the family you’re going to build later. I’m pretty sure you’re going to take that path, the conventional boring path. But it’s good. Take one for the team. High five!

I’m hoping that you’re having a great year ahead, and another year afterwards, but we’ll keep that for my letter next year. I hope you’re gaining some life skills now since you’re living away from home.

My advice for this year: be kind to others but don’t be an idiot, you can’t make everybody happy (make your sisters happy would make you go far, by the way). Be smart, but never assume others are not smart too. Always on guard, even to people you know for a long time, backstab hurts (especially without lube).

Try new things (the harmless ones), and read books (with more writings than pictures in it). Good crowd helps you grow, bad crowd helps you learn, but only yourself decide. Don’t give up to peer pressure (or girlfriend’s pressure, or sisters’ pressure…) – basically don’t give up to anyone’s pressure. Do things that you believe is right, those who care support you unquestionably.

You’re older, but not yet wiser. Congrats and beware of those wrinkles. Cheers 🙂


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