TNSOFT ep. 12


“You don’t look too happy,” said Spike the Guard when Coco showed up at their meeting point.

“I just can’t find the reason why I should be happy to see you,” Coco said, trying not to sound too sincere about what she had just said. .

“You want me to stop following you and the princess,” the guard laughed, not too loudly.

“And you’re stating the obvious. How fun our conversation today,” Coco rolled her eyes.

Yes. Coco thought Mister Guard had stopped following them when she didn’t see him at the port. She was pretty sure about that when she did not spot him when they were shopping at the Central Marketplace. But then a boy with blue eyes came and handed her a piece of paper when she was drinking the three silver coins nasty coffee, and she knew she was hoping too much.

“Hey! What is wrong with you? I thought we were in a good term after our conversation yesterday. Is this the time of the month while every girl becomes a little bit more grouchy than usual?”

“Well, I thought after our conversation yesterday, I don’t have to report to you everyday anymore. You know, at least you can give me a little bit of space…”

Spike laughed again, this time a little bit louder. He shook his head, pitying this girl’s innocence. She’s really bad at lying, he wondered how long she would be able to keep this meetings as secret from Princess Cinnamon.

“You know I’m just doing my job, just like you doing yours,” said Spike relaxing himself by sitting on the ground, Coco was tempted to do the same but she decided not to.

She did not really trust him, she believed he must have been hiding something. However what he had said made sense to her. Maybe he did not want to be there. Maybe he actually wanted to be somewhere else. Maybe he had a family he had to leave because of this job, following an annoying spoiled princess to make sure she was alright. So, Coco decided not to make his job even harder, and reported to him just like what she had been doing all these time.

“So she still wants to go to the Fortress City? Have you told her that there’s nothing there?” Spike looked puzzled.

“I did. I told everything. I even made up stories about the bandits who would stop us on our way there and catch us and torture us and sell us to the lords here. She said she needs to go there,” Coco became a little bit angrier being reminded of her failure.

“I’m sorry for that, and that I cannot help much with information either. Never have been there myself,” Spike looked sincerely sorry.

“That was not your fault,” Coco smiled, just to make that poor guard feel less guilty.

“Can I ask you a question?” Spike suddenly said after few seconds of silence.

Coco was surprised by this request because he usually never asked permission before asking her questions. This must be an important question, so Coco just let him ask.

“Who is Banjo?”


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