Byq vs Food


I hate watching Man vs Food.

Man vs Food is a television program about a man who eats shitload of food disgustingly. I don’t know about other people but for me it is disrespectful to food. And I don’t like that kind of attitude.

I love food. I grew up with the respect of good food. I probably don’t have the most delicate palate but I know good food. I’m picky but I don’t throw away food unless it becomes life threatening. I don’t like people who plays with food, and I think kids who plays with food should have an extremely nasty bollocking and (if it wasn’t against the law) also a hundreds spanks to keep them reminded of how wrong it is to do that.

These are the actions I consider disrespectful to food:
– mixing and stirring food in your plate until they look disgusting, and decide not to eat it (because it looks disgusting)
– mixing leftovers and put sauces and salt and peppers, basically playing with leftovers
– smearing or placing food on body parts, cakes on faces for example
– spilling stuff and not feeling sorry for that, and doing that over and over again
– food war, throwing food in the air aiming to others
– over eating until you sick (Man vs Food)

I am not going to tell you about how many kids somewhere dying for food, starving for days and actually killing for a piece of bread. I am not going to tell you about the farmers who work their arse off to grow rice, wheat, corn, or whatever, or how many cows were killed, or how many unborn chicks… To make you that bloody big mac. I don’t think you need those bullshit.

You are what you eat. Your attitude towards food is the reflection of your attitude towards yourself. You might think I made that up (well, I did actually), but that’s true – you just haven’t realised that. But do you know why girls are head over heels in love with guys who cooks good food? Do you know where “the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” comes from? The sub-conscious realisation that food is the source of life is apparently natural for human being.

For me it reflects maturity, respect, and wisdom. It reflects character and personality. It reflects the lifestyle, even life quality. It is believe it or not, one of many considerations for me in choosing a life partner. (“Oh you don’t eat bacon? I think we should reconsider the relationship.” “What you’re vegan? Don’t even mention we kissed!” “Ooh you know good wine? Come to Mama, Big Boy!”)

The love of food is shown also from the way you enjoyed it. Do you eat properly? Politely? Full mouth with crumbs all over your shirt? Noises when you chew? Soups dripping on the table? Clean plate with cutlery positioned just in the right place (oh you got me moist just by doing that)? Can you use your chopstick properly? Do you make that squeaky noise when you cut your steak?

Oh yes I do care.

I was raised in a family who cares.

I don’t care if it sound snobbish, but I think it is important. Of course I did some disrespectful acts like got too drunk and got sick afterwards, but I admit it was low and wrong. I try not to do that (too often), after all, I don’t drink as much as I did.

I love food.

It makes me hungry.


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