Book Review: When God Was A Rabbit


Title: When God Was A Rabbit
Author: Sarah Winman

Elly was not an ordinary girl, and she knew it. Her friend Jenny Penny was not an ordinary friend, therefore they became a greatest bestfriend. Her brother Joe was not an ordinary brother as well. Elly’s life was never ordinary, and it became even more an adventure after her father won a lottery and she had to moved to Cornwall.
Elly’s extraordinary family met extraordinary people which changed their life. They helped each other, enriched each other and together they made an incredible story.

There are not so many books that could make me cry. And I couldn’t remember any which made me cry every five pages. This one did.
The heartwarming story about family and friendship, especially about the sibling relationship touched me deeply. Stung me a little bit even when I read it.
It was so well written, and you can notice the changing of the narration in the beginning of the story when Elly was a little girl and when she became older and older. The characters were so well described from Elly’s point of view, and was strong enough to make you imagining them as a real person.
What I like the most from the writing style is how Sarah Winman played with my emotion. It was funny, and very cheerful in one second and the story would rolled downhill so fast and became so dark and gloomy in the next second. Without you even realised when it was happening. Sometimes I felt guilty for laughing, and silly for crying when I read this book.
Would I recommend this one? Definitely. I am not sure whether this book is published in other language because this one is apparently her debut novel, but if you can find it in any bookstore, this one worth your every penny.


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