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Mr. Fix It asked me whether I have ranted anything lately. I just realised I haven’t been so angry lately, and quite happy about the fact that maybe for awhile life was good. But no. My home fucking country wouldn’t let me live with peaceful mind and contented heart. They have to, need to, and I believe they only reason to exist was to make my good day bad.

The news today: The Town Council in Wonogiri is in the discussion to make all students there fluent in reading the Koran. If they couldn’t do that they could be imprisoned for 6 fucking months. What the motherfucking fuck?

I have nothing against religion, any religion, but idiocy like this makes me skeptical if religion would ever do any good to human civilisation. Seriously. Enforcing the ridiculous law would make your townspeople- who have already been quite well known as a bunch of dimwits who are 100 years behind the prehistoric civilisation- even more laughable. Oh wait, is that a sense of humour I’ve never known before.

I said nothing when the so-called the department of national education tried to remove English in the national curriculum. Wasn’t that a brilliant idea, when our neighbouring country enforced their citizens to be a part of the modern world, our country made such a brave unconventional move to step backward! Incredible!

I said nothing when the same department decided not to teach natural science in school. And instead adding more moral and religion in the so called curriculum. They thought evolution theory was made by the evils, and instead they teach the kids cretinism creationism. What are these dimwits doing in my bloody government??

Asian students are quite popular for their brain. But of course the Indonesian national (un)educational department don’t want to be a part of this. We want to be different, don’t we? We want to be the dumb Asian and we can be stand out among the other Asians. Of course, I know this is a great strategy to make us the leader of the world!

So yeah. Wonder why the riches sent their children to study abroad? Don’t say that they are snobs who do not love their country. They just refused to be stupid. I don’t blame them.

I always had something to say about Indonesian educational system. Not that I’m a psychotic bastard who’s never satisfied with my country. I do care and I wrote because I care. And I hate the way those fucktards fucked up the education in this country, by mixing and confusing it with reli-fucking-gion.

So yeah. That’s a rant.



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  1. Just to drop a bit of my thought: why don’t u just stay and try to find a job in UK or other countries??? Life for someone like u will be hard in Indonesia … pack ur bag and run away… just like Princess Cinnamon … :p


  2. Yuuuppppp… agree … it is sick … really sick …
    Do u know that the Primary School’s curriculum was also revised? It will not offer IPA and IPS anymore??? Those two subjects will be integrated to Indonesian language and ???? (I don’t know what) because the compulsory subjects are Agama, PPKN, Bahasa Indonesia, Seni Budaya and Olah Raga … It’s to make the curriculum simple, they say … (the government) … And I was kinda ‘W????’ … I am not against religion or PPKN either … but from my experience (41 years as an Indonesian and as a mother of 2 primary school children) those subjects do not contribute anything to the students …


  3. wah! saya baru denger tuh aturan??

    itu juga yg saya heran dari pemerintah kita, selalu sibuk ngurusin hal2 ngga penting. dan justru melupakan hal2 yg essential dan jangka panjang!