TNSOFT ep. 13


Banjo just arrived home after a long two weeks with her fellow musicians. They’ve been singing in the cities of the kingdom of Music. People were coming from the four kingdoms, and they’ve been making a lot of money by doing this. He have done that a lot after he went back from the Kingdom of Summer. The money he got from the princess got him enough not only to sail back to his hometown, but also to start a better musician group.

It’s always nice to come home. His wife would welcome him with a lot of hugs and kisses, and his daughter would shout an annoying hysterical joyful shriek which can only be done by kids. And then the home cooked meal would be served in the table, and the family friend would gather to raid those pieces of goodness without paying. But it’s nice to come home, it is nice to have a place to come home to.

Viola, his wife was once a musician too. A very great one, even. She composed great songs, and even some of the best songs Banjo played with his fellows were her works. But she got pregnant not so long after they married. She said it was a blessing, although quietly everybody thought it was a mistake. She stopped playing music, and started playing dolls with her daughter. Within a year, nobody remembered the great female musician Viola.

They lived in one posh estate just outside the Fortress City. It was a small house when Banjo bought it the first time he came home from the Kingdom of Summer. Slowly, he and Viola who met when they were working as the Kingdom of Music Royal Musician in the palace, upgraded it little by little.

“Father!!” His little girl would run and jump to him, and he could feel her became heavier and heavier each time. Last time she did that he felt his back cracked a little, he thought it almost broke. But he enjoyed that, knowing that probably in few years, she would decide to marry some guy and leave her broken hearted old man alone.

He would show her whatever he bought on his journey for her. One time he brought home a wooden elephant toy, another time a pretty colourful dress (which apparently was too big at that moment she had to wait another year to actually fit to wear that dress). And when he learnt that buying clothes or shoes were too risky, he would buy her nice jewellery. A cheap one for the little girl, and the expensive one for her mother.

They called her Harmony. They used to call her Harmony.

She died last Winter, when the ice on the lake surface cracked. Her mother was never recover and drowned herself in the same lake when the spring came.


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