Bybyq, M.A.


Yes, my dear ladies and gentlemen. I can now officially congratulate myself as the award confirmation from the university was sent to me this week, the result itself has been delivered to my parents’ house in Solo. Not too bad indeed.

Finishing my degree means a lot to me. It means that I can do things that I thought was impossible… I remember how scared I was before I started the degree. Not about the fact that I’d leave home (I was pretty ecstatic about that), but the fact that I had this “moody” tendency, and quitting habit. I didn’t quit, and in fact, I did my degree pretty well. I am proud of what I did πŸ™‚

I know I don’t need to prove myself to anybody, but acquiring this new title would show my parents that I deserve this. I showed them that I have the capacity of getting better. I showed them that I might not be as “normal” as the other kids their relatives and friends have, but I can do more in different ways. I hope this also showed them that I don’t need to get married to be happy… I just need to go to school….

It also means I have achieved one of my 100 things to do before I die. It is one of the lifetime achievements, and I did it. Not too bad for someone who took seven fucking years before actually finish her bachelor degree.


I also wanted to thank everybody who helped me and supported me through this process. My readers who encouraged me to move forward. Thank you πŸ™‚


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  1. MA? MAster of Art?
    Trus sekalian PHD di sana nggak nih?
    ohiya itu lead postingan bikin nggak enak.. Ladies and gentleman.. berasa masuk toilet di mall :)) *kabur