Happy New Year 2013



I want to say Happy New Year to all my reader. I know that I haven’t been a really good blog last two months, and I haven’t updated my story, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop this blog’s annual tradition. Last year lists of achievements and the new year’s resolutions. So shall we started?


Looking back at 2012, phew… that was definitely one hell of a year. It must be one of the best year so far, doubtlessly. In July I made a mid-year life assessment. That was a way for me to make sure that I am still in the right track. Apparently I wasn’t doing very well based on last year new year’s resolutions. How about now?

1. Well, first of all, I am still not doing very well in the weight loss plan. Apparently going out with Mr. Fix-It means being treated like a princess and fed like Adam Richman. Of course I don’t think I gain some more, but I am not quite sure if there’s any more left room to gain some weight. Sad.

2. Yes, I finished my study and I am now officially Bybyq, M.A.. And I did it quite well, actually. My mother informed me that the result has arrived in my house and she told me the grade that I’ve got. Definitely an upper second. That’s one point for me. However, I am reconsidering the PhD. No I am not giving up, but I am giving myself time before starting a new stuff. This would be a big decision in my life, and I would want to do it right. So, yes… I think I am getting more mature in a way :p

3. This blog looks okay now. I guess. I am considering a lot of things for this blog, but I think I need more commitment to do that :p So far, I am not doing well in that department. However, I did some changes… I reorganised categories in this blog, and also changed the layout.

4. In July I haven’t read so much book. In my defense, I’ve been reading the whole library for my dissertation. But after the dissertation has done, I have read more than 5 books. I believe it is more than what I have targetted in the beginning of 2012. I have finished:
Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
The Devil and Miss Prym – Paolo Coelho
The Fifth Montain – Paolo Coelho
When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman
The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga
and of course Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother – Amy Chua
… And, to make it even more impressive, I am now in the middle of reading The Stand – Stephen King.
To make me even sound more cultured, I have seen “The Phantom of The Opera” when I went to London to meet AK, and went to another Noel Gallagher concert just a month before. Oh how I love this country.

5. Keeping contacts with old friends and new friends… I don’t think it went quite as I expected. It’s rather hard to make a steady contact especially if you don’t really like talking to them. Probably because all they did was asking the most depressing question about my homecoming. Sucks.
Same thing for my family, but… in my defense, I am contacting my sisters and brother more often now. Of course with another depressing stuffs to discuss, but somehow with them, the topic was so much bearable.
However, I am in touch again with some of my old friends πŸ˜€ I will call it an achievement.

I also developed a hobby… some hobbies… Not shopping hobby, but the more productive one. I knit again. Knitting and cooking, i am considering a new blog just for those hobbies, but maybe later. In addition… I quit smoking. I don’t think I can quit smoking entirely. I am pretty sure when I go back to Indonesia, the first think I want to breathe was the smell of kretek. But I haven’t burn any tobacco for a good two months, and I deserve a pat in my shoulder for that reason alone. I don’t think I can quit drinking… It is cruel for you to expect someone to give up both at the same time. All and all… 2012 was a hell of a good year.

And now… How about 2013?

Of course there are some stuffs I want to do in 2013. I am not sure that I would have a blast in the beginning of this year because I have to go back to Indonesia. However, according to plan I will be back here in the middle of the year for my graduation. Haha! However, apart from that… There’s some idea:

1. Make income. I am not quite sure how it would work… I might start a business, or find a job, or maybe doing some freelance stuff. But I definitely have to start to think about making a living for myself.

2. Lose weight. According to the survey, most people put this in their new year resolution but less than 10% actually achieve it. It went BAD last year, but this year… considering how stressful situation could be when I go back home, I reckon it would be easier to skeletonise myself.

3. Travel. I know it would collide with my first resolution just a little bit. But I want to travel more this year. Is 5 different places too ambitious?

4. More culture. More books to read (7) more films to watch (7) and museums to go to (5). I am not sure I can set a higher target for museums, but let’s see if I can do that in Indonesia.

5. I have to do better with this blog too. Who knows this blog can help me to earn some pin money :p Who knows?

Anyway… I don’t want to be too ambitious this year, but I am hoping everybody can have a great year.


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  1. happy new year, happy new breath.. bisa gitu ya dua bulan berhenti ngrokok.. aku bisanya dua jam 😐
    klo bybyq aja bisa, aku tep kudu iso!