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Book Review: The White Tiger


Title: The White Tiger
Author: Aravind Adiga

After seeing that the Chinese Premier Wang Jiabao was going to visit India, Balram Halwai decided to write a letter to tell the Premier about India. However, the India he wrote about wasn’t the same India the India’s Government tried to advertise to the Chinese Premier. Balram Halwai also wrote about his life, and about the kind of entrepreneurship he wanted to ‘teach’ the Premier.

This is one of the epic book.

Written with a very simple language, from the point of view of the illiterate Balram Halwai, doesn’t mean that this book needs to forget about witty humour. In fact, the simple mindedness, the casual racism, and the crude language enhanced the wittiness of this satirical novel. This is definitely not for a narrow minded people.

This book is full of self criticism. The author were brave enough to reveal the darker side of his own country: corruption, nepotism and bribery; the politicians, the loophole in the laws, and how live in the slums like; prostitution, health problem, and the lack of education. This book portrayed the side of India not so many author wanted to write about.

What makes me love this book even more is because of the familiarity of the stuffs Aravind Adiga wrote. It reminds me of Indonesia. It reminds me of the rotten side of politics. For me, personally, this book is not only an entertainment but also a mirror to see ourselves. It captured the darker side of humanity in the modern world.

Of course this is a very recommended book. Again, not for narrow minded people 😀


A Hello From Indonesia


Sugeng Enjang…

I guess it means Good Morning… That’s kind of embarrassing because apparently my Javanese was never as good as my fellows Solonese. Anyway, after a month delayed, I feel that it’s only right if I update my blog. So, I am back to Indonesia.

It’s shame that I cannot stay there in UK, but the economic situation in the Europe made it hard not only for me but also everybody to get a job which allow them to stay. In addition to the immigrant overload in the UK which resulted to the changing of the immigration laws in the UK, makes it even harder for us to be there. Oh well… I will be back there soon, I hope…

Anyway, there will be a lot to update, but I will start with a sincere apology.

I am so sorry that I cannot bring home stuffs my friends requested. It’s all because of the baggage allowance that I got from the airlines. Given the fact that I have never gone back to Indonesia for more than a year, I had a year worth of stuffs to bring home. And it means a whole house to carry home. And it’s impossible even to bring my own stuffs.

I have left two boxes of clothes, a whole kitchenware and utensils, some of my knitting projects, my favourite bags and even my cute eeyore mugs. I had to leave my books, including my knitting books, my Noel Gallagher biography books, and my hair styling equipment and make up. It’s impossible to bring you guys souvenir. I hope next time I go there for travelling I can go home with some stuffs. I am so sorry for that.

The journey home was a pleasant and comfortable flight. Different from the day I left Indonesia, this time I missed the excitement of going to somewhere new. Worse than that Mr. Fix-It and I started to develop a real relationship, so the last hours before my departure was a tear jerking moments. You know that I don’t like crying that much, but this time it’s just so… heartbreaking.

Anyway, I will update about Mr. Fix-It and I later, because this entry is supposed to be about my homecoming.

I haven’t told most of my friends that I’m already back to Indonesia. So many reasons for that, and one of them is that I am not ready for the investigative personal questions. I am not ready to share. The same reason why I haven’t blogged for ages.

However, I am glad that I am writing for you now, and I’ll see you very soon.