It’s been quite a bit more than a month since I came back to Indonesia. What have I done? Well, it’s something between “many” and “nothing”. Let’s say, so much happened, but I haven’t done anything which is practically productive. However, I’d like to announce that Mr. Fix-It planned to go to Indonesia to meet my parents.

Of course I haven’t told you the whole story, but to shorten it: “we’re talking about the ‘M’ word”. How come?? You may ask. Especially if you knew the beginning of our relationship, and if you’re following this blog, the last time you’ve heard about Mr. Fix-It is when we broke up. It’s just… After our break up, he never stopped fixing things in my life.

So what I really need to do now is actually trying to lose a lot of weight, start taking care of myself, and preparing all documents needed. Yes, all of them are essential. Don’t want him to change his mind seeing me porking myself in Indonesia. After all, after giving it a bit of thought, who wants to look like a cow in a wedding dress?

Enough with the mushy stuff, I feel a little bit guilty for not updating my blog. It’s definitely a sin, and I know I have to think about extending the hosting again. Graaah… I might just pay for 2 years later because it’s going to be another busy year and I want to keep this blog alive no matter how slow the update is.

I wanted to blame my internet connection at home, my phone, and everything else technical, however I am not too good at lying. I’m somewhere between excited and depressed, so I’m not too good to write. But hey, I have to write, it will help me, and I know it has helped me years ago. After all, I might want to start money making from blogs and writing anyway. So why wouldn’t I start now?

I think it’s enough for today’s update. I will try, no promise, to update better. Sorry _


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