Hugo Chavez Has Passed Away


Who’s Hugo Chavez?

Well, if it wasn’t from the news I watched today, I wouldn’t even know who he was. But he’s been the president of Republic of Venezuela for 14 years before he died today. That’s too bad for the people of Venezuela because apparently they loved their president.

It reminds me when Kim Jong Il died not so long time ago. I remember how mournful the people of the North Korea. I don’t want to talk about his reputation in the international world when he was alive, I want to talk about how his people remember him as a leader. And I tried to remember if Indonesia had one like those?

Would it be so harsh if I said that Indonesia is an ungrateful nation? Have we ever really loved our leader? I tried to recall the moment if there’s any national grief like that in Indonesia. I remembered Gus Dur, but thing is when he passed away he was no longer our Mr. President. And I am quite remember how he was brought down by the so called people representative.

It makes me think though…

Is socialism is as bad as what the western world always said? Is it that bad to control people and make things in order? As far as I’ve seen, the people of the socialist country isn’t really in the poor state. They had enough for their life and they’re not being eaten by the capitalism. They’re happy with the state they’re being right now and they’re thankful for the government who bring them this stable life. The government gave everybody the same right for education, healthcare, and everything else, and crime is punished severely because it creates disorder.

Isn’t it that bad if you don’t need politicians trying to approach you with promises we know they’d break anyway? Isn’t it that bad if you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen up there and live knowing that tomorrow’s definitely fine unless some bastard launched an atomic bomb because their nosey government doesn’t like you because your government doesn’t want to join the so called global market system? Or when suddenly your country’s got embargoed because your government refused to share your land’s resources to those big bullies?


Oh well…

I ranted again. Sorry for that. I should have said my deepest condolence for the people of Republic Venezuela who just lost their beloved el presidente.


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