Your Body Is Your House


I’ve heard many times people said that your body is your temple. I am not sure how far the truth in that sentence is, because I have never gone to any temple. Of course basically we need to respect it, clean it, decorate it and all that stuff. But does it also include letting anyone who’s curious and wish to find peace in? As far as I’m concern a temple is kind of a public area, and I’m not sure if I wanted to expose my body for public use.

So I think for me, I’d rather use a house analogous to my body. I’d say, my body is my house. It’s private, I’d only let people I trust in, and I’m responsible for things because it’s mine. I will still respect it, decorate it, and clean it, but I can still have party in it, things you might not be able to do in a temple. Does that make sense?

I believe that you are what you eat. Your outlook towards food reflects your perspective towards life itself. If you’re so uptight about your diet, what you eat and when you eat it, you’re a control freak. If you orders everything in the special today’s menu, you’re greedy. If you don’t finish it you don’t know the value of money. If you do finish it, you’re a glutton. If you snack you know how to enjoy life. So and so forth.

You’re also how you represent yourself in public. You are what you wear. You’re HOW you wear what you wear. You’re how you treat your skin, your hair, your nails. You are how you sit, your posture when you’re standing. You’re how you look into someone’s eyes straight, and how you shake their hands.

Taking care of how you look is like maintaining your house. Occasional make over. Change the curtain with the clean one. Sweep the floor and mop it. Wipe the windows and change the dead flower decoration. You can pay someone to take care of the garden or to repaint the wall, but you wouldn’t let the mould eat the beauty of your house. House can be old, but it doesn’t have to look ugly.

But that’s not all. You are what you say. What you blog, twit, or path. You are what you say on your facebook status; do you swear, moan, brag or just mildly share your rant. You’re not however what you let people think you are. But you’re how you do it in life. And I think it’s cool as a part of survival skills.

A person without knowledge is like a house without appliances. It’s still a house but it is not really efficient, so you have to upgrade knowledge like you upgrade gadgets in your house, don’t you?

My body is my house. I do occasional parties, but I clean the next day. I let people who I trust in, because it is not a public domain. I take care and decorate the way it’s acceptable for me. What could be wrong?


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