Film Review: Habibie Dan Ainun


Title: Habibie Dan Ainun
Language: Indonesia
Director: Faozan Rizal
Casts: Reza Rahardian, Bunga Citra Lestari, Tio Pakusadewo, Ratna Riantiarno

taken from Wikipedia

When Rudy Habibie came home to Indonesia to get himself recovered from tuberculosis, he met his middle school mate, Ainun has transformed into a very beautiful woman. So he decided to approach to this popular lady, against all odds, marry her and take her back to Germany, to continue his study and work as an engineer.
Rudy’s dream isn’t easy, to build an aeroplane for his beloved wife and to serve his country. While Rudy was trying to get her dream come true, Ainun had to bury hers as a pediatrician deep down inside to devote herself to her family and marriage.
After 1959 there was a big changing in Indonesia’s government. Rudy was called back to lead the project to actually build an aeroplane. Rudy’s clean career brought him up to the cabinet and trapped him to the politics. However, the devoted wife, Ainun was on his side all the time, to remind him what’s good and the dream they pursued, so they kept on the right path of life.

Honestly? I only watched it because my sister said, that her friend said, it was good. And I just want to know what’s good because I haven’t seen Indonesian film for ages. And I was a bit skeptical when I saw the production house. It has been well known for producing crap films. I was worried that they would ruin such a beautiful love story into a pile of crap. They haven’t. Thankfully.
Apart from the annoyingly crass and obvious advertisement of some squash and biscuits, the story itself was well built. Well, there were some occasional blunder which made the scene looked a bit silly, but that was forgiven for I think the producer wasn’t so experienced to transfer a book to a film. Of course, taken from a real story, from a very famous and beloved public figure in Indonesia, which had been published in a best selling book, the producer couldn’t go wrong. I know nothing about cinematography so I would keep that opinion to myself.
What surprised me the most was Reza Rahardian’s act. When I saw him in the cast line up, I thought… That couldn’t be right. I am so sorry but Mr Habibie, with my due respect, couldn’t be that cute. However he could portray our 3rd President in a way we can see the real B.J. Habibie in him. So I thought, hey he could be a character actor. I would like to see him in another (quality) film again.
Bunga Citra Lestari was fine. Of course she always good in any film, but I think she’s just an eye candy in this film, so any guys who’s being dragged to the cinema by their girlfriends could find a little bit of relief by seeing this beautiful familiar face. However she wasn’t that good. I think the character is too heavy for an actress in her level. I am afraid she couldn’t complement Reza’s exquisite play.
Another surprise in the film was the occasional real footage which remind me of “The Queen”, and “The Fourth Kind”. I think inserting real footage in a film is a little bit dangerous. Not only because the real footage might have been shot with different camera, which usually have lower quality than the camera used for making film, they could be inserted in the wrong place and ruined everything. Thankfully, not this time. And I appreciate this “adventurous” attempt to make the film as real as possible.
Do I like this film? I do. My sisters and I were crying, and the last time we cried in the cinema was either “The Three Idiots” or “Toy Story 3” (couldn’t remember which one first). Anyway, this would worth your money. If you have missed it at the cinema, buy the original dvd. Support Indonesia’s film industry :p


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