Apa Kabar, Biscuit Gothic-ku?


Of course if you don’t speak Indonesian, especially if you don’t have slight understanding in Javanese language, it would be hard to understand the joke. We like to make acronym for everything, like batagor for baso tahu goreng (fried tofu-meatball), or cireng for aci digoreng (fried tapioca). Sometimes it meant to be funny, but most of the time it isn’t funny that it becomes funny because of that. Gothic biscuit is one of them. Gothic for Gosong Sithik (slightly burnt), was kind of my invention and I can’t say I am proud of it.

However, I am glad I made those biscuit.

So yesterday I planned to make biscuits. The last time I made one was when I was at Mr. Fix-It house, and we decided to go sweet tooth. I don’t eat sweet stuffs that much, but I could eat lots of sweets when I was with him. I will try to stop being mellow because I don’t think anybody would want to listen to me whining about how I hate having a long distance relationship. So, back to biscuit, shall we?

Actually, I have asked Mr. Fix-It about the biscuit recipe we usually use to make our biscuit, however I lost it. And when I was out buying ingredients, he was busy working (or sleeping – I forgot the time difference). So I just browse online the closest one to our recipe.

It was fun though, even if it’s different from how it feels when you do it with someone else. I enjoyed doing it. It was a great stress relief, although later on when the result came out it wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be.

So I divided the batter into two. I mixed the first halves with cinnamon, following Mon’s request, and the second halves with a bar of silver queen almond milk chocolate I found in the fridge. I baked the cinnamon batter for 20 minutes and it didn’t go hard, so I added another 5 minutes for the chocolate ones, and then it became slightly burnt. Then when everything has done, I just realised that apparently my oven was slightly dented! That’s why the biscuits weren’t done evenly!

Oh well, everybody liked it though, even my dad said it wasn’t too bad (he wouldn’t compliment you freely). All my dogs, except Caca loved it too, although we’re not alowed to give them the chocolate ones. Mum and sister said I cheated on our diet plan, and made them ruined theirs. Well… I was just relieving my stress with baking and help them relieving stress with eating… for me it’s mutual :p

So my dark, gothic biscuits have been eaten half when I left it at my parents’ bedroom last night, and I haven’t checked it again. Hm… was thinking of making another batch, should I?


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