A New Phone… Not!!


Before I went home I had a plan to buy a new phone. Of course the fact that the blackberry I bought in the UK was locked and couldn’t be used in indonesia was a bit of coincidence, a good one. Or so I thought. As the result, just before the Chinese New Year, I’ve acquired a new white blackberry dakota in my hand. I was a happy bunny.

But not for long.

I don’t need too much time to realise there was something wrong with the phone. It was okay when I use it at home with wi-fi access, but when it has to “compete” with other devices to get a mobile network and blackberry internet service. It sucked. Big time. And that was only an understatement.

That device was more or less useless outdoor when you cannot access any wi-fi. Not only the internet service was disabled, you can’t even use the basic use of phone such as texting and calling. And for goodness sake, for someone in a bloody long distance relationship with someone else who has 7 hours time difference, keeping in touch is a necessity. So I had to use two phones, one to make sure I received whatever information I needed to know, and my pretty dumb phone to do the other job while wi-fi was around.

So I told my mum that I might need to change that phone to another phone which can actually work. And she said yes. So for awhile I was living with a hope that somehow I would end up with a white iphone 5. And when that happen, it would be the only time of my life I actually buy a very expensive phone. So… I waited. And sold my stupid phone.

And mum said… I should wait at least two months to get my new phone. You might ask why, and I definitely have had the answer already. Apparently the new phone was the free phone she would get from the bank for her signing of a new saving plan. Now that makes sense.

So new phone? Not really… _

Now I had to spend a little to unlock my old phone, and thank google for that I could get a phone which is working for awhile. On the bright side, this geeky stuff I did last night apparently is considered hot for some people; and one of those people is Mr. Fix-It. Yay for me for looking geeky.


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