There’s Always A Reason


I was in Jakarta, for example. And when I got back to Solo, the internet wasn’t really helpful, for another example.

Wanting to blog actively again, and actually doing it are two different things, apparently. It is so easy to find a reason why I couldn’t blog. Of course, having problems with my phone is one thing. I used to be able to blog with my phone, but now it’s almost impossible since my phone crashed when I opened my wordpress for blackberry. Tried to upgrade my blackberry but now I couldn’t even connect my device to my computer.

And I do really need a new computer. This one is no longer compatible to do stuffs. All I can do with this computer is basically write, and access lighter software. I wouldn’t be able to work with stuffs like photoshop or stuffs like that, and that’s not really good. One thing that I could be grateful for is that I can still access porn with this computer.

Although it seems to be a lame reason for not posting my blog, but bad internet connection is one of the worst. I can access the blog, barely. It’s killing me when I was doing video call with Mr. Fix-It, and suddenly the connection dropped. Long distance relationship is hard enough without having to deal with this kind of trouble. Luckily, I’ve told him before about the internet connection in Indonesia, so when he had to see my face crazily pixelated when we were talking he knew.

My sisters, my brother and I are going to go for a new blogging project. Hopefully this project will last like this blog, although we’re not sure how active the blog would be. Basically the four of us will post in that blog together. How cool is that? Well, Mr. Fix-It said it was going to be awesome, and I am sure it would. Will come back to you with the link once it’s done.

Anyway, I’ve told my father about one of the websites made and ran by Indonesians businessman. Told him I saw them developed from a very small website to a large business. He told me to go make one like that one. I wonder how could he say that so lightly. I used to tell him that I want to work online because I’ve seen a very big prospect in it, and he wouldn’t believe me. Now when he saw one on telly, he said I could have done it long time ago. As if websites doesn’t need to be maintained.

However, I know myself, I don’t have much commitment with what I am doing. The only constant thing I have is this blog. I am so proud this blog is going to celebrate its third anniversary 🙂 Of course it means I have to keep myself active and write stuffs.

I have a question… since I am now back to Indonesia, should I change back writing in Bahasa?


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