Things You’ve Taken For Granted


So I’ve got my internet back. Honestly, I’ve never thought that not having an internet connection would make me feel like I’m living in the most uncivilised part of the world. I mean, I never thought that it could bring me down to the depressed state. Four days without being able to actually access the internet made me feel grumpy and angry, and I’ve never thought it could be like that.

Apparently it is something I’ve taken for granted for so long. When I was in the UK I felt I could access the internet anywhere, anytime. I don’t have this kind of problem before. I never realised how important it was until I was cut off from it and crave crazily, wanting to have some.

And yes, I’ve got my internet back. Not that easily. I am back to the situation where I have to be careful with my quota, and how many hours I could spend with my internet. Remember the USB portable modem I used to use when I was renting rooms with my sister? I’m back to that. Not sure how long I could do with this, but hopefully not too long until the internet in the house is eventually fixed.

However this situation makes me think about other stuffs I have taken for granted. For example: money, freedom, privacy, Mr Fix-It. I never realised how I’ve got so used to them. The fact is that living in Indonesia, at my parents house took everything away from me. No wonder how unhappy Denise and I could be when we had to leave our life in England.

I’m missing all of those stuffs. I’m missing everything I’ve left behind. And as emo as it could sound… I don’t think I could live like this any longer.


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