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Film Review: Killing Them Softly


Title: Killing Them Softly
Language: English
Cast: Brad Pitt

I don’t know why I bother writing the review, because I didn’t even half of the film as I fell asleep during the show. Now can you imagine how annoyed my brother was for he was the one who paid for the tickets. I want to finish this review now by telling you that this film is no more than a piece of crap. But then, I have the conscience to tell you why.

I suspect more of you will download this film after reading the review, just out of curiosity. While thinking to yourself, how could a Brad Pitt play in a crappy film. You wouldn’t believe it, because that was exactly my thinking process. Failed.

Brad Pitt is now officially overrated.

I suspected that this film wanted to adapt the same complicated plot as The Usual Suspect. Which was failed miserably (the plot, not the “The Usual Suspect”). It doesn’t have promising premise, doesn’t have strong storyline, and it isn’t backed up with strong scriptwriting. All I could hear was the continuous American twang that hurt my ears. It hurt my ears so bad.

I guessed Brad Pitt as the producer wanted to make a film with absurdity like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. It failed. Again. Even absurdity has it limit. And since I have lower tolerance towards absurdity, then it became worse and worse when I watched this film. Don’t have any idea why he thought it would be good to make a career suicide like this.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this film. You don’t say?

If I could, I would cry and beg for the company to give my money back and pay me even more for the mental disturbance this film has made to me. And also the damage it has cause to my brain. And for the time I’ve waste to sleep during the show. However, for that one, I guess I was lucky that I could just sleep through it, because my brother couldn’t. I don’t know how much damage he’s got compared to me.

The moral of this review: don’t watch any film with any expectation.


Film Review: Oblivion


Title: Oblivion
Language: English
Casts: Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise

Maybe it is no longer a secret that I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but unfortunately, that SOB has either a good agent or manager, or a good sense that lead him to good films. So bear in mind that I am grudgingly writing this review out of my social responsibility to be honestly critical and critically honest.

In my capacity.

As a human being.

And a woman.

Who’s apparently is in the dangerous zone of menstrual cycle.


Science fiction, with lots of American/Hollywood kind of action (bombs, nuclear weapon, gun shots) is not my cup of tea. However, I could tolerate it in a certain degree, and if it is wrapped nicely in an interesting plot, and with Morgan Freeman in it. I am a big fan of him.

However, as much as I want to say that this film could be so much better with him as the main character, I am programmed not to lie when I am writing a review. That SOB Cruise was quite good doing the second best thing he could do (the first is making an arse out of himself, obviously). Annoyingly, I couldn’t think of anyone else could substitute his role in this film, as if this is made for him.

Of course I am a bit grumpy for the lack of portion given for Morgan Freeman. But again annoyingly, I couldn’t think of what else he could do in the film. He’s already maxed his role by being awesome for being himself.

Okay, now I think my review is too subjective. I better move on from talking about the actors. How about the plot?

Sadly, for me the whole plot is rather predictable. The twist in the ending was surprising although it was kind of over dramatic for me, but maybe it’s because of my personal preference. Flashbacks are annoying for me especially when they’re overdoing it in the middle of film. But if you have “oblivion” as your title, you NEED to put lots of flashbacks, don’t you?

What impressed me most, like every other science fiction film is their detail for technology. The concept of futuristic architecture and robots are exceptionally awesome. This, might be the reason why paying 35K rupiah is worth it.

Would I recommend this film? Well… You need to answer these questions first. Do you like sci-fi? Do you like action? Do you have time? Do you mind seeing occasional cheesy overdramatic scene or seeing Tom Cruise being emo? Well if the answer is yes yes yes and no then you could watch it without being grumpy too much like I did.

Book Review: The Witch of Portobello


Title: The Witch of Portobello
Language: English
Author: Paulo Coelho

I usually start a review by giving a bit of synopsis so the reader would know what kind of story they are going to read, however when I was going to write the synopsis I’ve got stuck. Not because there was nothing to write about, but because there were too many to write, and I don’t want to end up spoiling anything.

The story was written as a collection of interviews about a woman named Sherine Khalil, who called herself Athena and later known as the Witch of Portobello. It is so interesting that in this kind of writing style we can think that we know so much about this central character without seeing her from an objective point of view, making us realised in the end, we never really knew her.

Honestly, if this book was translated in Indonesian, which would allow me to read this faster, I wouldn’t stop ready even for a minute. Luckily I’ve bought the English version which slowed me down and made me enjoy this even more.

The presentation of the characters are greatly detailed in a very subtle way. You would vaguely imagine someone familiar with you when you try to picture them in your mind. You would feel so close to the characters and started to identify yourself with them.

Although the purpose of the plot is rather straightforward, it didn’t reduce any of the mystery in the storyline. I guess this kind of plot is the best for this story for its complicated story could have confused the readers.

Yes I guess this book is very recommended, however as a disclaimer, I think the book is only for the mature and the open minded only. Would be hard if you read this thinking that your belief is being attacked by a fiction.

Film Review: Cold War


Title: Cold War
Language: Mandarin (subtitled)
Casts: Leon Lai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Andy Lau

Honestly, I decided to watch this film because I thought I could see a lot of Andy Lau. He was one of the bright shining star back when I was only a little girl. However, apparently in Indonesia, his name is just another selling point. Because if you took a look at the poster for the Indonesia’s cinema and for the international ones you would see the difference! Anyway, he only showed himself two or three times in the whole film and not more than 10 minutes total. If you want to see this film because of him, don’t watch it because you will be very… Very disappointed.

However, if you wished for a film with a lot of unexpected twist, and a little bit of old skool hongkong action scene, please do. And if you were born in 80s and grow up with 90s hongkong film in RCTI, you would feel a lot of nostalgia seeing the list of actors from those years.

I am not sure how logical the storyline is, but I am pretty sure that most action film isn’t logical anyway. What I like the most is the simplicity in the complication of the story. Imagine an office politics, family conflicts, and crime solving are well blended so you couldn’t see them separated. And of course, the unexpected ending would be and added value to the plot.

Have to be honest, I haven’t seen lots of hongkong film, so I couldn’t compare it with the other asian films. However, from the point of view of an amateur film reviewer like me, the actors are really good. I mean, I know that they have been acting for decades but still… It’s so realistic, especially Tony Leung Ka Fai with his very emotional character.

Would I recommend this film? Well, yes. I am not sure whether it is still on the cinema though, but you can either find the DVD or wait until it’s on TV.

Mr. Fix-It and I (part 3)


About the M word, I consulted Mr. Fix-It last night when I showed my first draft of blog entries for not only an approval, but also a grammar check. There were a couple of grammatical errors, which was good enough for someone who hasn’t been conversing in English for ages. I’ve made all my English teachers proud, obviously.

Now, shall we back to where we left yesterday? The M word.

To be perfectly honest, nobody knows when it happened. According to Mr. Fix-It, and quoting his words: “it snuck up and before I knew it we were saying marriage and it felt totally right”. For me it might not be that sudden. Of course I was a little bit more observant than it showed in the surface.

There was a tingle in my tummy when he playfully played with the ring measure I’ve bought from amazon. There were a swift warmth inside when we accidentally staring at the rings in an old secondhand shop at Anglia Square. There were lots of thoughts going on when I was waiting for him coming home, and one of them was, “is this why my mother waits for my father to come home for dinner every evening?”

When I went back to Indonesia, I guess my realisation struck him as well. I am not sure the thinking process he’s going through, but on one skype chat we did only a week after I arrived in Indonesia, we decided that the M word might not be a bad idea after all.

Don’t get me wrong. Talking about the possibility of living and sharing life with the same person for the rest of your life scared the snot out of us. He’s been living alone for years, and I’ve never liked such a big commitment. Heck. Mr. Fix-It and I weren’t even boyfriend-girlfriend when we were up for the M idea. I am not sure if we are now.

One blogging friend posted about “HTS” or Relationship Without Status. I think I’ve been doing that for months now, and I guess it creates the whole new definition of HTS which I am not going to talk about right now. What I was going to say is that the lack of status is irrelevant to the unsaid commitment we’re holding. And I realised how much maturity needed to make this work out.

So, I am not going to talk much about the M stuff right now because it hasn’t done yet. This – Mr. Fix-It and I, is something that I don’t want to screw up. This is something I don’t want to accidentally jinx. Funny that, because I don’t really believe in superstitious.


Hopefully, this would satisfies some curiosities, answers some questions, and clears the misunderstandings.


Mr. Fix-It and I (part 2)


I am not sure whether it was the stubbornness or the impulsive assurance which made us decide to give it a go. We kept thinking of July when I will be back to England for my graduation day. But there would be half a year between the day I left Norwich and July. Would we survive that? We didn’t know. All we knew was that we only had 3 more months together and we only wanted the best memories.

And he had them.

We spent my birthday together, eating KFC. You might not understand what’s so special about having KFC. But it was between him and I. He used to drop me off at the train station in the morning, but he started to wake up earlier to be able to take me in front of my door. Then I just stayed in the morning and do the house chores at his.

We spent the whole christmas holiday together. Had a Christmas dinner with his sister’s family, which was amazing! Surprised him with a Christmas present. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I started to think that maybe there’s magic in it.

I practically lived at his house. There’s nothing happier than seeing his car coming and parking, and watching him walk closer and closer. There’s no better feeling than waiting in front of the door demanding a hug from him. And his reaction and expression, and amazement in his face when he realised I’ve cleaned the house was priceless.

Two weeks before I had to go, the snow was falling. The previous winter I complained about a layer of snow. But that time, I enjoyed walking in the snow. I enjoyed the cold. I enjoyed walking together shivering, knowing that when we got home, I would get the warmest hug from someone that I love.

Now I sound mushy. But without any intention to add drama in this entry, I did cry a lot. A fucking lot. Started three days before my departure.

And every day afterwards. And today.

Of course it is not as hysterical as it was before but, I don’t know why would anyone torture themselves with this kind of misery? I am miserable! Do you think skype, whatsapp, and emails are enough? No they are not. They helped a lot but they are not enough for me. I want to be there, or him to be here. Honestly, it’s not about being in the UK anymore. (Hopefully this would answer those who was curious)

So, when did the M word come up?

Mr. Fix-It and I (part. 1)


I have some requests from some readers (two!) to reveal the untold story why I ended up with Mr. Fix-It again after I broke up with him in a very painful way. It’s not easy to explain, and of course some people actually become a little bit suspicious about my motives. Bear with me I will tell you the whole story today. As I promised.

So basically I felt terrible after we broke up. Not only that I know I broke his heart, but apparently I broke my heart a little as well. I didn’t really realise how needy I was to him. I was almost always drunk and he was there to make sure no bastards took advantage of a fragile me. He took me in to his house when I felt down, which was almost every day, and he helped me move on. Little by little, with his sincere friendship.

Yes. It was a friendship. Of course he told me he was still waiting, but he wouldn’t push himself to me. He said he’s okay with a friendship. I told him to move on, even tried to set him up with someone else. Things got more comfortable.

One day I went to York with a friend I knew from Tribal Wars. He was a young boy I knew for quite a while and he was nice. Maybe I wanted to mess about, but what I didn’t realise was at that moment when I was at York, I kept thinking of Mr. Fix-It. In every places I went, all I could think of was whether I should buy some souvenir for him, which I did eventually. And nothing was better than seeing him picking me up at the rail station that day. I am so glad to see him there. I just didn’t know why.

I didn’t know how it started but I gradually let go smoking and drinking. I didn’t think I needed them anymore. I felt comfortable, contented and happy all the time. I knew the reason though, so one night when we snuggled before bed I muffled the three words sentence, and asked him to forget about it the next morning. I knew right there and then, I would never be the same again. I fell in love in a way that I’ve never thought I would. But it was too late.

I had to go back to Indonesia.

We had two choices.

Give it up. Or not.

We chose not to. Or should I say, HE chose not to.

Superbyq’s Birthday


It’s April already, and it means that this blog is going to celebrate its birthday again. I am so happy that after all these years, this blog is still alive. I know lately it wasn’t as active as it was before, but for one and many reasons, it is here to survive. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate this blog’s birthday.

My commitment with this blog might has been the longest commitment I had with something. I believe this dedication, although it hasn’t paid off yet, it has given me a lot in return. With this blog I have got new friends, I have got experiences, I learned and grew up as well as sharing my moments with my fellow bloggers.

I might not going to be a popular blogger like some great writers I’ve known but I think I’ve contributed enough with my work here. So I want to thank every body who helped me with this blog.

Anyway, there is a birthday story not so long time ago. As we know it, by self hosting your blog you would need to pay to renew the hosting plan. And that was what I’ve been doing every year. For me, it was in the end of March.

I tried to find out how to pay the bill. With the previous blog host provider, all I needed to do was to transfer some money from the bank and then send a confirmation text to the blog provider and done. But this one… I wasn’t sure because I started using their service last year. Was a good service though.

I rummaged through the website, my billing statement and everything else, and couldn’t find anything. I waited for the payment reminder because they said in ther QA that they will send a reminder two weeks before the contract is expired. The reminder never came. Luckily in my confusion, I remembered that they had a good Customer Service system. A 24 hour online CS chat. And I contacted them.

CSO: my name is xxx may I help you?
BYQ: yes I want to renew my contract
CSO: your website url please
CSO: the answer of your security question please
BYQ: uhm… I don’t think I remember the security question
CSO: xxxx?
BYQ: aaah… Yyyyy!
CSO: thank you. Please wait for a moment
CSO: your domain name will be expired next year
BYQ: ah yes I know that. I want to renew my hosting
CSO: your hosting plan will also be expired next year
— bybyq: “……..” —
BYQ: are you sure?
CSO: yes. xxxxxxxx will be expired next year
BYQ: so I don’t have to pay?
CSO: not until next year

Yes I wasn’t quite remember how that happened. But yay, I don’t have to pay and that is good enough, isn’t it?