Superbyq’s Birthday


It’s April already, and it means that this blog is going to celebrate its birthday again. I am so happy that after all these years, this blog is still alive. I know lately it wasn’t as active as it was before, but for one and many reasons, it is here to survive. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate this blog’s birthday.

My commitment with this blog might has been the longest commitment I had with something. I believe this dedication, although it hasn’t paid off yet, it has given me a lot in return. With this blog I have got new friends, I have got experiences, I learned and grew up as well as sharing my moments with my fellow bloggers.

I might not going to be a popular blogger like some great writers I’ve known but I think I’ve contributed enough with my work here. So I want to thank every body who helped me with this blog.

Anyway, there is a birthday story not so long time ago. As we know it, by self hosting your blog you would need to pay to renew the hosting plan. And that was what I’ve been doing every year. For me, it was in the end of March.

I tried to find out how to pay the bill. With the previous blog host provider, all I needed to do was to transfer some money from the bank and then send a confirmation text to the blog provider and done. But this one… I wasn’t sure because I started using their service last year. Was a good service though.

I rummaged through the website, my billing statement and everything else, and couldn’t find anything. I waited for the payment reminder because they said in ther QA that they will send a reminder two weeks before the contract is expired. The reminder never came. Luckily in my confusion, I remembered that they had a good Customer Service system. A 24 hour online CS chat. And I contacted them.

CSO: my name is xxx may I help you?
BYQ: yes I want to renew my contract
CSO: your website url please
CSO: the answer of your security question please
BYQ: uhm… I don’t think I remember the security question
CSO: xxxx?
BYQ: aaah… Yyyyy!
CSO: thank you. Please wait for a moment
CSO: your domain name will be expired next year
BYQ: ah yes I know that. I want to renew my hosting
CSO: your hosting plan will also be expired next year
— bybyq: “……..” —
BYQ: are you sure?
CSO: yes. xxxxxxxx will be expired next year
BYQ: so I don’t have to pay?
CSO: not until next year

Yes I wasn’t quite remember how that happened. But yay, I don’t have to pay and that is good enough, isn’t it?


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