Mr. Fix-It and I (part 3)


About the M word, I consulted Mr. Fix-It last night when I showed my first draft of blog entries for not only an approval, but also a grammar check. There were a couple of grammatical errors, which was good enough for someone who hasn’t been conversing in English for ages. I’ve made all my English teachers proud, obviously.

Now, shall we back to where we left yesterday? The M word.

To be perfectly honest, nobody knows when it happened. According to Mr. Fix-It, and quoting his words: “it snuck up and before I knew it we were saying marriage and it felt totally right”. For me it might not be that sudden. Of course I was a little bit more observant than it showed in the surface.

There was a tingle in my tummy when he playfully played with the ring measure I’ve bought from amazon. There were a swift warmth inside when we accidentally staring at the rings in an old secondhand shop at Anglia Square. There were lots of thoughts going on when I was waiting for him coming home, and one of them was, “is this why my mother waits for my father to come home for dinner every evening?”

When I went back to Indonesia, I guess my realisation struck him as well. I am not sure the thinking process he’s going through, but on one skype chat we did only a week after I arrived in Indonesia, we decided that the M word might not be a bad idea after all.

Don’t get me wrong. Talking about the possibility of living and sharing life with the same person for the rest of your life scared the snot out of us. He’s been living alone for years, and I’ve never liked such a big commitment. Heck. Mr. Fix-It and I weren’t even boyfriend-girlfriend when we were up for the M idea. I am not sure if we are now.

One blogging friend posted about “HTS” or Relationship Without Status. I think I’ve been doing that for months now, and I guess it creates the whole new definition of HTS which I am not going to talk about right now. What I was going to say is that the lack of status is irrelevant to the unsaid commitment we’re holding. And I realised how much maturity needed to make this work out.

So, I am not going to talk much about the M stuff right now because it hasn’t done yet. This – Mr. Fix-It and I, is something that I don’t want to screw up. This is something I don’t want to accidentally jinx. Funny that, because I don’t really believe in superstitious.


Hopefully, this would satisfies some curiosities, answers some questions, and clears the misunderstandings.



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