Film Review: Cold War


Title: Cold War
Language: Mandarin (subtitled)
Casts: Leon Lai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Andy Lau

Honestly, I decided to watch this film because I thought I could see a lot of Andy Lau. He was one of the bright shining star back when I was only a little girl. However, apparently in Indonesia, his name is just another selling point. Because if you took a look at the poster for the Indonesia’s cinema and for the international ones you would see the difference! Anyway, he only showed himself two or three times in the whole film and not more than 10 minutes total. If you want to see this film because of him, don’t watch it because you will be very… Very disappointed.

However, if you wished for a film with a lot of unexpected twist, and a little bit of old skool hongkong action scene, please do. And if you were born in 80s and grow up with 90s hongkong film in RCTI, you would feel a lot of nostalgia seeing the list of actors from those years.

I am not sure how logical the storyline is, but I am pretty sure that most action film isn’t logical anyway. What I like the most is the simplicity in the complication of the story. Imagine an office politics, family conflicts, and crime solving are well blended so you couldn’t see them separated. And of course, the unexpected ending would be and added value to the plot.

Have to be honest, I haven’t seen lots of hongkong film, so I couldn’t compare it with the other asian films. However, from the point of view of an amateur film reviewer like me, the actors are really good. I mean, I know that they have been acting for decades but still… It’s so realistic, especially Tony Leung Ka Fai with his very emotional character.

Would I recommend this film? Well, yes. I am not sure whether it is still on the cinema though, but you can either find the DVD or wait until it’s on TV.


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