Film Review: Killing Them Softly


Title: Killing Them Softly
Language: English
Cast: Brad Pitt

I don’t know why I bother writing the review, because I didn’t even half of the film as I fell asleep during the show. Now can you imagine how annoyed my brother was for he was the one who paid for the tickets. I want to finish this review now by telling you that this film is no more than a piece of crap. But then, I have the conscience to tell you why.

I suspect more of you will download this film after reading the review, just out of curiosity. While thinking to yourself, how could a Brad Pitt play in a crappy film. You wouldn’t believe it, because that was exactly my thinking process. Failed.

Brad Pitt is now officially overrated.

I suspected that this film wanted to adapt the same complicated plot as The Usual Suspect. Which was failed miserably (the plot, not the “The Usual Suspect”). It doesn’t have promising premise, doesn’t have strong storyline, and it isn’t backed up with strong scriptwriting. All I could hear was the continuous American twang that hurt my ears. It hurt my ears so bad.

I guessed Brad Pitt as the producer wanted to make a film with absurdity like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. It failed. Again. Even absurdity has it limit. And since I have lower tolerance towards absurdity, then it became worse and worse when I watched this film. Don’t have any idea why he thought it would be good to make a career suicide like this.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this film. You don’t say?

If I could, I would cry and beg for the company to give my money back and pay me even more for the mental disturbance this film has made to me. And also the damage it has cause to my brain. And for the time I’ve waste to sleep during the show. However, for that one, I guess I was lucky that I could just sleep through it, because my brother couldn’t. I don’t know how much damage he’s got compared to me.

The moral of this review: don’t watch any film with any expectation.


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