Saying NO


Saying “no” is never easy. Especially if you have to reject someone close to you, and you know your refusal would actually hurt them a little. But sometimes, for a greater good, saying “no” is needed.

It is not that I wanted to defend what I have done, but I believe with my decision and I will stick to it. This is not a consolation either. I just want to share, because although I feel that I am doing something right, I feel a little bit sad that I have upset someone. So, let me just rant…

It is quite well known that I love dogs. I grew up with dogs around me and I love dogs, and I would love to have one once I have my own house. And for few years now, my mum and my sister are having their own kennel for small dogs. We have this little timid chihuahua, Barbie; the fiery Yorkshire Terrier, Miki, the beady eyed toy red poodle, Cherry and her son Billy, and the two you have known few years ago Berry and Caca. So, this month, our family has grown even bigger…

Berry and Miki have given birth, and added 4 more cute puppies in our kennel. We welcome Chika, Demi, Domi, and Donat.

Maybe, part of it is my fault. I kept posting cute pictures of Chika on my facebook page and it of course attracted some unwanted attention. I understand now why facebook is supposed to be used only by adults… you don’t know that there are always predators lurking on the accounts and perving over your little ones. However, you can’t blame mothers for being proud of their cuties enough to make them break the rules of privacy and post their kids’s pictures on their walls. The exact same feeling I have about my puppies.

Yes, apparently my cute little Chika has got her own fans, and one of them contacted me to ask if she can BUY my Chika. Actually… buy is a really sensitive word. I don’t SELL puppies. People gave us dowry for taking away our kids to their house, after giving us a good assurance that they will take care of our puppies like they protected their own soul. They gave us compensation of our broken hearts, and not BUYING puppies. Go buy puppies from petshop, we don’t sell puppies here…

And actually, I have known this girl for quite sometimes. She is a good person, and know her personally that she is a lovable character. However, I know enough about her attitude and how serious she could be about being responsible of something. And it is not good.

I have seen her having a puppy before. This little puppy is now end up being caged almost all the time and only play with her when she has time and remember to take her out to play. I don’t want Chika end up like that.

I realised by then why fathers are very protective and picky about who will marry their daughter. It is almost impossible to let go someone so dear to us knowing that they will end up in a hand of a crazy bastard who would never see the goodness in these beautiful soul. I am not giving away Chika unless I know that they will love her like our family does her.


I am still feeling bad. Have told Mr. Fix-It about what I have done and he is totally backing me up with my decision. Hopefully, my dear friend would understand and probably prove me wrong and maybe one day when I have another puppy I would allow her adopt them.

This is Chika’s photo

Yawning Chika


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